Introducing Lady Cash and a new purpose for stakepool StakingCash (CASH)

Hello Everybody…
My name is Emanuela and i am one of the people who sponsors stakepool Staking Cash. (CASH).

So far i have made a couple of YouTube videos to help the presentation of Stakepool Cash.
Here is one of them…

Now the schools have started again i have free time so i will try to help to tell the world a little bit about stakepool Staking Cash.
We are a small group of friends who work in the tourist industry in Spain and Italy.
Together we follow Cardano because it is a project that can help many people in the world who llve in very bad conditioins.
My job will be to deal with the Staking Cash twitter account which is at @staking_cash

The reason we decided to also run a stakepool was that we would like to somehow help the development of the Cardano project.
Since nobody of our group are programmers we have made a deal with a very good IT specialist, who had already made famous Cardano stakepools before.
So we know that the tecnical part is taken care of and meets the highest standards.

Now that the stakepool is up and running we thought about doing something that is nice and fun for the Cardano community. So we have decided to reinvest the profit we hope to make with the stakepool into creating enteraining content for the Cardano community.

Since we all work in tourism, it is what we like doing the best, to make sure that people have a good time.
Please come and find me at the twitter address @staking_cash and you can send me private messages if you have any ideas for memes and short videos but you do not have the time or the resources to make them yourself.
We will do our best to make your ideas happen…

I wish everybody the best of luck with Cardano and see you on Twitter…

Lady Cash…

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