Introduction to Stakepool Staking Cash, Ticker CASH

Hello Cardano Community…

We have the pleasure to re-introduce Stakepool CASH.
CASH is promoted by a small group of friends who work in tourism from England, The Netherlands and Italy.
CASH is the result of a prolonged efffort to support Cardano which started when one of our group decided to accept ADA for payment at Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona, and became the first business in the world to do so.
You can read about it in the IOHK blogpost of early 2018/

Since we love the idea of a new financial operating system that offers a chance to ANYBODY in the world to improve themselves, we wanted to take our commitment a step further and so decided to also want to own a stakepool.
“own” because we are not developers. We merely sponsor and market the pool. The pool is being operated by one of the original Stakepool Pioneers who earned his medals from the very beginning of Cardano stakepools with the ITN.
So tecnical expertise is assured and we try to do the rest.

If you look for our stakepool, search for ticker CASH.
We chose the name for two reasons. First of all because it expresses the action “staking CASH” so easy to remember. And at the same time we also happen to be fans of country fenomenon Johnny Cash…those good ol’ nostalgic country songs…

We have opted for a fee of 2 percent. It is early days, Parameters will change and the fee might as well but only if it will mean being able to produce more blocks and to produce increased rewards for our delegators.
We have pledged an amount of more than 800.000 ADA because we are fully committed to running stakepool CASH for many years to come.
Our website can be admired at, currently in English and Japanese.
Our pool ID is f059ed9ef469a045d29c0f48799fb6cab08c0abbc0fd1f736a5fced5

The non tecnical people in our group live in Rome and Barcelona where they work or worked in tourism

CASH Pool operates in the cloud with multi relays in diverse Geographic Locations. Relay and Block Producing Nodes are deployed to separate Virtual Private Servers (VPS Provider undisclosed for security reasons)

Linux based OS with Multi Gigabit WAN network infrastructure.

We also have both Cloud and Baremetal Failover options for the ultimate in Redundancy.

The Technical Pool operator is a Businessman with more than 20 years IT Systems Administration Experience. We follow Gold Standard security practices.

    Our commitment is unquestionable and our drive relentless.
    We were literally the first business in the world to take an interest in Cardano and it is our habit to stay untill we fullfill our mission in any business we have run or worked at.
    The mission in this case is to make sure that the Cardano financial operating system we are constructing finds it way to those millions and billions of people that desperatately need it.
    We fully intend to grow the business of running stakepool CASH when more features and options become available to do so and by doing so make the network more resistant.
    Businesses need to make money to grow, that is the simple truth. So to grow, we need to be succesful. To be succesful, we need your help by delegating to us. The proceeds of the stakepool will be reinvested every time this is required to take the growth of stakepool CASH to another level. This will benefit Cardano as well as our delegators.
    Being business owners for more than 20 years has taught us a lot about the sacrifice required to grow a business into a succesful operation We intend to repeat that formula with stakepool CASH.
    With our previous businesses we have always made donations to charity projects. The last ones being Save the Children and Unicef, so we will start there.

Thank you very much for the patience to read this. Delegate to CASH or don’t, but DO help grow the Cardano network in any way you can. The next two years will be crucial for it’s succes!

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Cardano will rule supreme…if we all push hard enough.

Hello Everybody…
My name is Emanuela and i am one of the people who sponsors stakepool Staking Cash. (CASH).

So far i have made a couple of YouTube videos to help the presentation of Stakepool Cash.
Here is one of them…

Now the schools have started again i have free time so i will try to help to tell the world a little bit about stakepool Staking Cash.
We are a small group of friends who work in the tourist industry in Spain and Italy.
Together we follow Cardano because it is a project that can help many people in the world who llve in very bad conditioins.
My job will be to deal with the Staking Cash twitter account which is at @staking_cash

The reason we decided to also run a stakepool was that we would like to somehow help the development of the Cardano project.
Since nobody of our group are programmers we have made a deal with a very good IT specialist, who had already made famous Cardano stakepools before.
So we know that the tecnical part is taken care of and meets the highest standards.

Now that the stakepool is up and running we thought about doing something that is nice and fun for the Cardano community. So we have decided to reinvest the profit we hope to make with the stakepool into creating enteraining content for the Cardano community.

Since we all work in tourism, it is what we like doing the best, to make sure that people have a good time.
Please come and find me at the twitter address @staking_cash and you can send me private messages if you have any ideas for memes and short videos but you do not have the time or the resources to make them yourself.
We will do our best to make your ideas happen…

I wish everybody the best of luck with Cardano and see you on Twitter…

Lady Cash…

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Staking CASH has gone live on the Haskell testnet today!!

Here is our blog article to inform the whole world…(not just the Cardano incrowd)…