Introduction to Stakepool Staking Cash, Ticker CASH

Hello Cardano Community…

We have the pleasure to re-introduce Stakepool CASH.
CASH is promoted by a small group of friends who work in tourism from England, The Netherlands and Italy.
CASH is the result of a prolonged efffort to support Cardano which started when one of our group decided to accept ADA for payment at Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona, and became the first business in the world to do so.
You can read about it in the IOHK blogpost of early 2018/

Since we love the idea of a new financial operating system that offers a chance to ANYBODY in the world to improve themselves, we wanted to take our commitment a step further and so decided to also want to own a stakepool.
“own” because we are not developers. We merely sponsor and market the pool. The pool is being operated by one of the original Stakepool Pioneers who earned his medals from the very beginning of Cardano stakepools with the ITN.
So tecnical expertise is assured and we try to do the rest.

If you look for our stakepool, search for ticker CASH.
We chose the name for two reasons. First of all because it expresses the action “staking CASH” so easy to remember. And at the same time we also happen to be fans of country fenomenon Johnny Cash…those good ol’ nostalgic country songs…

We have opted for a fee of 2 percent. It is early days, Parameters will change and the fee might as well but only if it will mean being able to produce more blocks and to produce increased rewards for our delegators.
We have pledged an amount of more than 800.000 ADA because we are fully committed to running stakepool CASH for many years to come.
Our website can be admired at, currently in English and Japanese.
Our pool ID is f059ed9ef469a045d29c0f48799fb6cab08c0abbc0fd1f736a5fced5

The non tecnical people in our group live in Rome and Barcelona where they work or worked in tourism

CASH Pool operates in the cloud with multi relays in diverse Geographic Locations. Relay and Block Producing Nodes are deployed to separate Virtual Private Servers (VPS Provider undisclosed for security reasons)

Linux based OS with Multi Gigabit WAN network infrastructure.

We also have both Cloud and Baremetal Failover options for the ultimate in Redundancy.

The Technical Pool operator is a Businessman with more than 20 years IT Systems Administration Experience. We follow Gold Standard security practices.

    Our commitment is unquestionable and our drive relentless.
    We were literally the first business in the world to take an interest in Cardano and it is our habit to stay untill we fullfill our mission in any business we have run or worked at.
    The mission in this case is to make sure that the Cardano financial operating system we are constructing finds it way to those millions and billions of people that desperatately need it.
    We fully intend to grow the business of running stakepool CASH when more features and options become available to do so and by doing so make the network more resistant.
    Businesses need to make money to grow, that is the simple truth. So to grow, we need to be succesful. To be succesful, we need your help by delegating to us. The proceeds of the stakepool will be reinvested every time this is required to take the growth of stakepool CASH to another level. This will benefit Cardano as well as our delegators.
    Being business owners for more than 20 years has taught us a lot about the sacrifice required to grow a business into a succesful operation We intend to repeat that formula with stakepool CASH.
    With our previous businesses we have always made donations to charity projects. The last ones being Save the Children and Unicef, so we will start there.

Thank you very much for the patience to read this. Delegate to CASH or don’t, but DO help grow the Cardano network in any way you can. The next two years will be crucial for it’s succes!

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Cardano will rule supreme…if we all push hard enough.

Hello Everybody…
My name is Emanuela and i am one of the people who sponsors stakepool Staking Cash. (CASH).

So far i have made a couple of YouTube videos to help the presentation of Stakepool Cash.
Here is one of them…

Now the schools have started again i have free time so i will try to help to tell the world a little bit about stakepool Staking Cash.
We are a small group of friends who work in the tourist industry in Spain and Italy.
Together we follow Cardano because it is a project that can help many people in the world who llve in very bad conditioins.
My job will be to deal with the Staking Cash twitter account which is at @staking_cash

The reason we decided to also run a stakepool was that we would like to somehow help the development of the Cardano project.
Since nobody of our group are programmers we have made a deal with a very good IT specialist, who had already made famous Cardano stakepools before.
So we know that the tecnical part is taken care of and meets the highest standards.

Now that the stakepool is up and running we thought about doing something that is nice and fun for the Cardano community. So we have decided to reinvest the profit we hope to make with the stakepool into creating enteraining content for the Cardano community.

Since we all work in tourism, it is what we like doing the best, to make sure that people have a good time.
Please come and find me at the twitter address @staking_cash and you can send me private messages if you have any ideas for memes and short videos but you do not have the time or the resources to make them yourself.
We will do our best to make your ideas happen…

I wish everybody the best of luck with Cardano and see you on Twitter…

Lady Cash…

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Staking CASH has gone live on the Haskell testnet today!!

Here is our blog article to inform the whole world…(not just the Cardano incrowd)…


Help Save Hotel GInebra Barcelona- 1st business to accept ADA

Well…that title probaby caught your attention.
Not quite your average daily Cardano Forum title of a post.

So here is the story.
As some of you, or perhaps many of you know, our hotel in Barcelona, Hotel Ginebra, in
2017 became the first business in the world to accept ADA for payment.
To verify the fact, IOHK sent the lovely and investigative Olga Gonzalez on a scouting
mission to come and visit us and we had the pleasure of spending a few hours together.
This tete-a-tete produced an in depth interview, which resulted in a blogpost on the IOHK blog.
The article will come up if you google “Hotel Ginebra IOHK” or search for “Hotel Ginebra” on the IOHK blog at

Fast forward to July 2nd 2019: the date of the IOHK Virtual Summit.

Yours truly was undeservedly and unexpectedly invited to fill a few minutes amongst a
collection of illustrious speakers.
i am happy to report that to my surprise the presentation was better received than expected and Hotel Ginebra, in this case represented by only myself, once again did its best to promote Cardano and its noble cause.

You can see for yourself that i am not making it up, the link is down below.
If you would like to skip the part where i talk about the similarities between the city of Barcelona and the Cardano project, you can go directly to minute 7.34 where you can see a short animated video about Charles Hoskinson and my view of him:

** So what is the point of this article?

**Fast forward to November 8th 2020.

As we all know, the pandemic has been savageously barreling through the world like a
months long hurricane of despair, leaving many victims in its path, both in terms of lives lost
and shattered and businesses ravaged, many of which forever.
BUT…just hours ago, the news broke that the vaccin that Pfizer is producing has a 90
percent reliability and that we can expect the green light for mass production by the 3rd
week of November, which is only some ten days away.
You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief the world let out and it means that we
now have more than a fighting chance again to save lives and businesses alike.
Hotel Ginebra is one of those small businesses.

It obviously does not give me any pleasure to share the story, but these are the Terrible
Tales of the Pandemic and ours is just one short line in the thick book that will be written
once Covid is nothing more than just a pale memory:
We have had to shut the doors of Hotel Ginebra on March 23rd 2019 because of Covid and they have been closed ever since.
The pressure of ongoing bills and expenses made that we have looked bankrupcy in the face
a few times already.
General Maximus famously said in the movie "Gladiator: “when Death smiles at you , smile
back”. We have tried to bravely look back in the face of the death of our business and what-
do-you-know…we are stil here.
But even though the good news of the soon to be produced vaccin broke today, it will not be easy to keep a business afloat much longer. A business which currently has zero income and tons of bills to pay every month.


So what to do?
We thought about setting up a crowdfunding project but that feels a bit too
much like charity and why would we benefit from such an initiative if there are tens of
thousands other businesses that merit help perhaps more than we do?

But we DO operate a Cardano Stakepool (ticker CASH), perhaps even once again as the first business in the world to do so.

And as often is the case in Life and perhaps in the Universe, sometimes things seem to
happen for a reason and different paths converge to one exact moment in time.
One of these paths has lead IOHK to change the parameters for Cardano stakepools by
December 6th 2020 which was just announced days ago.
(In case you did not yet hear or read about it, the “saturation point|” is being lowered from
approximately 220 million to 64 million ADA. In short this means that if you are a delegator
and a pool has more than 64 million ADA delegated to it, you are better of delegating
elsewhere, as your rewards will drop.)
The lowering of the saturation parameter will have as consequence that delegating to small
pools will become more attractive and that those small pools (the first 500 of them in the
ranking) will be “defended” by the protocol.
So it is inherently to the advantage of delegators to now start spreading their delegatated
ADA among those for now 500 stakepools.

You can already guess where this is going.
Hotel Ginebra operates a stakepool called “CASH”
(the name could have been a lot better and one day we might change it)
By delegating to our stakepool “CASH” you will directly contribute to giving us a fighting
chance to keep the hotel alive untill tourism comes back to Barcelona, which we hope will
happen by February or March of 2021, so not too long from now.

We are not asking for a hand-out because our stakepool already TODAY pays rewards to
delegators just as other stakepools do. In fact this epoch we are on track to mint 13 blocks,
a new record, notwithstanding our (too) low stake. And it so happens that in a few weeks
small pools will become inherenty more competitive anyway because of the changing
parameters and more rewarding so timing is perfect.
What we do ask is, by delegating to stakepool CASH, to give us a fighting chance to keep Hotel Ginebra alive untill we can go back to the business of what we do best, which is to offer amazing and affordable accommodation on the central square of Barcelona.
Every now and then you see delegators asking stakepool operators on Twitter what the
good cause is that a pool wil commit to if they decide to delegate to it.
Well…its a bit embarrassing but at the same time funny because of the role reversal (if you
share my dark sense of humour at least) to say that we ARE the good cause.
By delegating to “CASH” you participate in no small way in helping Hotel Ginebra staying
afloat just that little bit longer that may allow us to get back on our feet again.
For us, if Covid is anything, it is a battle against time. And time, as we all know, is money.


Hotel Ginebra is already the 1st business in the world to have accepted ADA and will be
forever. Nobody will be able to ever take that and the incredible memories that it
consequenly produced, such as being invited to Lisbon to be present at the IOHK workshop
of January 2018, away from us.
In Harry Potter style and Highlander style, “There can only be One”, and Hotel Ginebra is
that Special One.
But we would hope that also in Harry Potter style, at the end of the story the hero that is
Hotel Ginebra, will be able to defeat the pure evil that is Covid, with the help of delegator
wizzards of any size, colour, creed or conviction.
IOHK has already reached out to us several times with the idea of having meetups at the
hotel and workshops post-Covid.
If we survive, we can do one better.
It would be our great pleasure and distinct honour to re-theme the Hotel on Cardano and turn it into a proper Cardano Hub in Barcelona. We do not lack ideas, but we do lack finance at the moment. We are…ironically “strapped for CASH” :smiley:
Not by our own doing (because Hotel Ginebra rocks) but by something that nobody could
have foreseen and that we all hope to put behind us as soon as possible.


So thats our story.
Delegate to our stakepool (CASH) or not, in the end what must happen will happen and you
never know in advance if for better or for worse.
Such is the beautiful unpredictability of life. But if life is a theater, this is at the moment the
role that we have been handed to play, so…lets enjoy the play as much as we can, even it it
means having to play all the nuances of a character of a nearly bankrupted business and posting this on the Cardano forum
And no matter what happens to us or Hotel Ginebra, we will always be in support of “The
Marvellous Idea” that is Cardano. There is more to life than Cardano, but personally i have
not come across many things that are worth fighting for more than this.

Tk care everyone, i hope you at least enjoyed the read and stay safe.


where can we find stats on CASH ?

How are you doing and thanks for the inquiry.

The usual places…pooltool…Adapools…
We are doing something like 5.5 % average. Just lived through some gruesome epochs but the current one is overperforming by a lot.
The lottery always evens out eventually…by design.
As a matter of fact all pools that produces blocks will eventually…after whatever time, all even out at the same ROS. Such is the nature of the Cardano protocol.

The Hotel Cardano Challenge

In our previous post we explained how our hotel, Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona, had been affected by pandemic.
Hotel Ginebra, which was the first business in the world back in 2017 to have accepted ADA as payment.
And as it happens, we also run a stakepool (called CASH) and it seemed quite logical to tell the comunity about our fate and to ask to give us hand by at least delelgating to our stakepool, to help generate some more cashflow to help pay bills. We did receive the support from a few delegators, for which we are eternatlly grateful.
But we got thinking if there was anything we could give back to the comunity in return for chooseing to delegate to our stakepool.
And the solution was quite simple.
Our hotel is situated on the main square of Barcelona. It has a large meter high sign on the facade with the name of the hotel.
The sign is seen by tens of thousands of people every day, as all public transport of Barcelona starts on the square.
It also hosts the main taxi stand of the city and the bus from and to the Barcelona AIrport stops at the other side of the square, every day brining thousands of tourists from all over the world into the city.

So what to give back to the Cardano Comunity?

We thought that a great way to give name exposure to Cardano, would be to change the name of the hotel to “Hotel Cardano”
We are calling this Call For Action to ADA delegators the Hotel Cardano Challenge.
We are challenging ADA delegators to delegate to our stakepool CASH so that it will the new saturation level of 64 Million ADA that will be introduced by IOHK on December 6th.
SInce the saturation level is going down, it means that many delegators have to move away from large pools anyway, else see a significant drop in their rewards, also as big as 25% percent.
So…rather than delegating to just any old stakepool, why not delegate in order to create a terrific marketing tool for Cardano, in the shape of a hotel on the central square of Barcelona, which will be visible day and night to thousands and thousands of people.
If you are an ADA holder we invite you to take up the challenge.
You will give a helping hand in saving Hotel GInebra from the devastating efffects of Covid and at the same time shape history by creating a Hotel Cardano in the very heart of Barcelona.

Happy Staking Everybody

We wish you all happy staking, and remember to always support Cardano, especially while the developers are working tirelessly to come out with an amazing array of new tools and programms,

Thank You,
Alfred, Yvonne and Lawrence
Hotel GInebra, soon to be …Hotel Cardano

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Congrats :clap:t2: @bigezdaddy this could be one of the best stake pool marketing campaigns.

Thank you Tommy
We certainly hope so!! :grin:

Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona renews the Cardano Hotel Challenge!
As we can see the end of the pandemic and hopefully be able to open our hotel, the very first business to ever accept ADA, this summer, we launch the Cardano Hotel Challenge 2.0

If we reach 45 M with our stakepool HOTEL by the summer, we will convert the hotel into a Cardano themed accommodation and also change the name to Hotel Cardano Ginebra.


Hi @bigezdaddy ,

Wow, nice concept & the very first hotel with Cardano usage. I hope that your stake pool will reach that target soon.

I would like to visit your hotel then for vacation. Would be a great experience! Cheers :beer:

Stakepool CASH is sponsored by Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona, the first business in the world to every have accepted ADA for payment.

The sponsorship of Hotel Ginebra Barcelona does not only consist in having invested time and financial resources into the creation of Cardano stakepool CASH but it also means that there will be targeted marketing actions towards ADA holders to promote both stakepool CASH and Hotel Ginebra Barcelona.
We are happy to announce the next spectactular marketing action, codename “CASAL”, acronym for:
“CASH Stakepool Accommodation Lottery”.

Hotel Ginebra is offering a 2- nights free stay to a selected ADA delegator to Stakepool CASH to be enjoyed on a date to be agreed upon any time in 2021 and 2022. (so post Covid)


  1. Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona offers a FREE two night stay to 1 delegator to CASH inside one and the same epoch.
  2. The winning delegator will be drawn from all delegators to stakepool CASH inside one and the same epoch.
  3. Minimum ADA delegation to participate in the draw: 25.000 ADA (twentyfivethousand)
  4. Minimum time of delegation of the delegated amount: 2 epochs.
  5. A minimum of 10 delegators are required per epoch to validate the draw in that particular epoch. So incentivate your friends to delegate to CASH to at least reach a minimim of 10 delegators per epoch. Word to mouth or word to tweet is the best publicity.
  6. if you wish to participate in the draw, tweet a DM to @staking_cash before you delegate to CASH with the exact amount you are about to delegate.
    Make the amount distinguishable, so for example 33.267,18 ADA. Also DM us the time and date of delegation
  7. This marketing action start at the moment of publication in the Cardano Forum, so inside Epoch 3.
  8. This delegator lottery, sponsored by Hotel Ginebra will for now take place during 4 epochs, epoch 3, 4 ,5 and 6.
  9. Anybody can participate, also stakepool operators or people in the employment of Emurgo, Cardano foundation, IOG. The only criteria are the ones described above
  10. The draw will take place within 24 hours after the end of the epoch (unless not possible because of extraordinary circumstances like illness etc)
    The winner will be notified by answering the original DM which was sent to comunicate participation in the draw. After that Hotel Ginebra will start a correspondence with the lucky winner to tentatively set a date for the free 2 night stay sometime in 2021 or 2022 and to expiain reservation procedures.

We wish you Happy Staking to Stakepool CASH and who knows, we might see you soon in Barcelona!!!

NOTE: since we are already into Epoch 3, anybody who has already delegated to stakepool CASH in epoch three will also be part of the draw, provided the conditions are met as explained in 1 to 9.

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Hello everbody

After having been invited to make a little presentation for Cardano for the Virtual Summit 2020, it occurred to me that i can do the same to advertise the stakepool that we have set up with Hotel Ginebra called stakepool CASH.
Mainly, because pictures speak louder than words.

You may have read here or in tweets that Hotel Ginebra has created a lottery called CASAL (Cash Stakepool Accommodatioin Lottery).
The lottery is meant to incentivate delegators to delegate to stakepool Staking-cash (CASH) by adding the possibility to win a two night free stay at our hotel in Barcelona in a double room on any date to be determined in agreement, in 2021 or 2022.
The pandemic should be over hy than and we can all go back to travelling happily.
We will pick a winning delegator after every epoch, for as many epochs as we feel like, but probably upto 10.
That is all there is to it. Simpe and striaght forward.
Ah…for those of you who do not know. Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona has historic relevance beause it was the first business in the world ever to have accepted ADA for payment.

This was documented by IOHK in a blog article and on the basis of that i also was given the enormous privilge to do a small presentation at the Cardano2020 Virtual Summit.
Anyway…reading about something is one thing, so at Hotel Ginebra we thought we should put a face to the lottery and as it turns out…i was the lucky one…
So we hope you will like the incentive of delegating to stakepool CASH.

You are of course welcome to delegate to any other Cardano stakepool as well, but whatever you do, always see if there are ways to spread the word about Cardano to friends, family, collegues.
We are on a mission to conquer the financial world, and if we all chip in, we have a very good chance at succeeding.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, here is the link to the video…

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Great prize, looks like a fantastic location, Barcelona is such a beautiful city

Also wish you every success with helping Cardano gaining adoption and with your stake pool

Good job all around :clap:

Kind regards

Thanks Mach Two…
We have also come up with something else.
One thing is how to run a stakepool, to make sure it works, etc.
The other question that needs to be answered, and that we were struggling with is…“Why?”
We, the people involved in sponsoring stakepool CASH all worked in tourism.
And thats all about giving people a good time…
So we thought about it and thats what we really like doing.
Therefor we have decided to reinvest from the earnings of our stakepool into creating fun memes and video animation for the entertainment of the Cardano community…
We hope it will grow into something beautiful…
Follow staking_cash on twitter… we will start posting there…

take care…be safe…
Alfred and the gang…

I watched this presentation - nicely done! Especially it’s nice that the cameraman whom you hired, downloaded Daedalus wallet)

I’ve been to Barcelona for 3 days in 2019 for the crypto conference.

I will definitely go again if there will be some event related to Cardano!

And yes, I will try to stay in Hotel Ginebra!

Hi Andrii…

Great to hear…
If you delegate to the stakepool we sponsor called stakepool CASH you may actually end up staying there for free.
Because we draw a winner every epoch for the first 10 epochs.
Actually we will draw again tonight…so if you delegate you will be in time…
Also look forward to seeing you in Barcelona when life returns to normal.

Take care…

I’m sorry, I don’t have Twitter and I can imagine a lot of other Cardano stakers are not using Twitter as well . As non Twitter users don’t seem to be able to claim their possible winnings, you are missing out of them.

You are absolutely right…our apologies.

Please contact me via DM

The winner of CASAL, our stakepool Hotel Lottery, has not come forward so we have repeated the draw. The winner of 2 nights free stay at Hotel Ginebra is the delegator who delegated 149,997 ADA to stakepool CASH. Winner please DM me to make arrangements.

Winners can contact for verifications and discuss reservations procedures.