A video presentation of the Hotel Ginebra Barcelona stakepool lottery

Hello everbody

After having been invited to make a little presentation for Cardano for the Virtual Summit 2020, it occurred to me that i can do the same to advertise the stakepool that we have set up with Hotel Ginebra called stakepool CASH.
Mainly, because pictures speak louder than words.

You may have read here or in tweets that Hotel Ginebra has created a lottery called CASAL (Cash Stakepool Accommodatioin Lottery).
The lottery is meant to incentivate delegators to delegate to stakepool Staking-cash (CASH) by adding the possibility to win a two night free stay at our hotel in Barcelona in a double room on any date to be determined in agreement, in 2021 or 2022.
The pandemic should be over hy than and we can all go back to travelling happily.
We will pick a winning delegator after every epoch, for as many epochs as we feel like, but probably upto 10.
That is all there is to it. Simpe and striaght forward.
Ah…for those of you who do not know. Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona has historic relevance beause it was the first business in the world ever to have accepted ADA for payment.

This was documented by IOHK in a blog article and on the basis of that i also was given the enormous privilge to do a small presentation at the Cardano2020 Virtual Summit.
Anyway…reading about something is one thing, so at Hotel Ginebra we thought we should put a face to the lottery and as it turns out…i was the lucky one…
So we hope you will like the incentive of delegating to stakepool CASH.

You are of course welcome to delegate to any other Cardano stakepool as well, but whatever you do, always see if there are ways to spread the word about Cardano to friends, family, collegues.
We are on a mission to conquer the financial world, and if we all chip in, we have a very good chance at succeeding.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, here is the link to the video…

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Great prize, looks like a fantastic location, Barcelona is such a beautiful city

Also wish you every success with helping Cardano gaining adoption and with your stake pool

Good job all around :clap:

Kind regards

Thanks Mach Two…
We have also come up with something else.
One thing is how to run a stakepool, to make sure it works, etc.
The other question that needs to be answered, and that we were struggling with is…“Why?”
We, the people involved in sponsoring stakepool CASH all worked in tourism.
And thats all about giving people a good time…
So we thought about it and thats what we really like doing.
Therefor we have decided to reinvest from the earnings of our stakepool into creating fun memes and video animation for the entertainment of the Cardano community…
We hope it will grow into something beautiful…
Follow staking_cash on twitter… we will start posting there…

take care…be safe…
Alfred and the gang…

I watched this presentation - nicely done! Especially it’s nice that the cameraman whom you hired, downloaded Daedalus wallet)

I’ve been to Barcelona for 3 days in 2019 for the crypto conference.

I will definitely go again if there will be some event related to Cardano!

And yes, I will try to stay in Hotel Ginebra!

Hi Andrii…

Great to hear…
If you delegate to the stakepool we sponsor called stakepool CASH you may actually end up staying there for free.
Because we draw a winner every epoch for the first 10 epochs.
Actually we will draw again tonight…so if you delegate you will be in time…
Also look forward to seeing you in Barcelona when life returns to normal.

Take care…

I’m sorry, I don’t have Twitter and I can imagine a lot of other Cardano stakers are not using Twitter as well . As non Twitter users don’t seem to be able to claim their possible winnings, you are missing out of them.

You are absolutely right…our apologies.

Please contact me via DM

The winner of CASAL, our stakepool Hotel Lottery, has not come forward so we have repeated the draw. The winner of 2 nights free stay at Hotel Ginebra is the delegator who delegated 149,997 ADA to stakepool CASH. Winner please DM me to make arrangements.

Winners can contact ginebrahotel@gmail.com for verifications and discuss reservations procedures.