Announcing first three winners of Stakepool CASH Accommodation Lottery

Hello Cardano community…good evening/ day ADA holders

We (stakepool Cash and Hotel Ginebra Barcelona) owe you an apology.
Here we advertised the Staking Cash stakepool accommodation lottery where any delegator to stakepool CASH at the moment of the snapshot at the end fo every epoch can win 2 nights free stay at Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona.
Meanwhile we have drawn three winners, but …we only comunicated via Twitter.
It had not occurred to use that some people may not have a twitter account.
Sorry, our mistake.
In any case…here are the details (delegated ADA of the three winning delegators)
If you are one of the lucky ones, please email us at
so we can veify your transaction and talk about reservation procedures at Hotel Ginebra.
Next snapshot will take place some time before the end of the currenct snapshot, so make sure to delegate if you wish to be in the mix when we draw the next winner.
And the first three winners are…

Our CASAL stakepool lottery has a winner! The delegator who delegated 33,370.859047 [#ADA] to stakepool [#CASH] has won 2 nights free stay at Hotel Ginebra Barcelona. Please DM us for details and verification

We have a new Winner, her or she who delegated 172,653.691614 [#ADA] to [#CASH] The winner joins 1 ADAholder who already collected a 2 night free stay in Barcelona in 2021/2022!!

Please contact me via DM

The winner of CASAL, our stakepool Hotel Lottery, has not come forward so we have repeated the draw. The winner of 2 nights free stay at Hotel Ginebra is the delegator who delegated 149,997 ADA to stakepool CASH. Winner please DM me to make arrangements.