Update on CASAL, the CASH Stakepool Accommodation Lottery

Here on this forum we recently announced “CASAL”, the CASH Stakepool Accommodation Lottery sponsored by Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona.
Hotel GInebra is co-sponsor of stakepool CASH and as such also promoter of marketing initiatives. CASAL is a lottery draw (much like the lottery of blocks) between delegators to stakepool CASH. The rules are in the original announcement

To celebrate the birth of stakepool CASH and the start of decentralisation of the Cardano network, we have decided to extend the first draw, which will take place at the exact end of epoch three, to everybody who will have delegated to Cardano up to that moment, so also during epoch 1 and 2.
Currently there are about 40 delegations to stakepool CASH (some seizable) so if you participate now, you have about a 1 in 40 change to win a free two night stay at Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona, on a date to be agreed upon with the hotel, any time in 2021 or 2022 (presumably post-Covid).
Once we will have identified the winning delegator, we will put her or him in direct contact with Hotel Ginebra to transmit details about the future dates of stay.
A voucher will be emitted by Hotel Ginebra which gives right to two nights free stay. So if you can not make it to Barcelona yourself in 2021 or 2022, you can also use the voucher as a gift to friends or relatives, who you know have a trip to Barcelona planned.

The only condition to enter the first draw, which will take take place at the exact end of epoch 3, is to still delegate any amount to stakepool CASH and leave the delegated amount for at least two full epochs.

We look forward to your delegation and perhaps see you soon in Barcelona!!