Introducing "CASAL": CASH Stakepool Accommodation Lottery!

Stakepool CASH is sponsored by Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona, the first business in the world to every have accepted ADA for payment.

The sponsorship of Hotel Ginebra Barcelona does not only consist in having invested time and financial resources into the creation of Cardano stakepool CASH but it also means that there will be targeted marketing actions towards ADA holders to promote both stakepool CASH and Hotel Ginebra Barcelona.
We are happy to announce the next spectactular marketing action, codename “CASAL”, acronym for:
“CASH Stakepool Accommodation Lottery”.

Hotel Ginebra is offering a 2- nights free stay to a selected ADA delegator to Stakepool CASH to be enjoyed on a date to be agreed upon any time in 2021 and 2022. (so post Covid)


  1. Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona offers a FREE two night stay to 1 delegator to CASH inside one and the same epoch.
  2. The winning delegator will be drawn from all delegators to stakepool CASH inside one and the same epoch.
  3. Minimum ADA delegation to participate in the draw: 25.000 ADA (twentyfivethousand)
  4. Minimum time of delegation of the delegated amount: 2 epochs.
  5. A minimum of 10 delegators are required per epoch to validate the draw in that particular epoch. So incentivate your friends to delegate to CASH to at least reach a minimim of 10 delegators per epoch. Word to mouth or word to tweet is the best publicity.
  6. if you wish to participate in the draw, tweet a DM to @staking_cash before you delegate to CASH with the exact amount you are about to delegate.
    Make the amount distinguishable, so for example 33.267,18 ADA. Also DM us the time and date of delegation
  7. This marketing action start at the moment of publication in the Cardano Forum, so inside Epoch 3.
  8. This delegator lottery, sponsored by Hotel Ginebra will for now take place during 4 epochs, epoch 3, 4 ,5 and 6.
  9. Anybody can participate, also stakepool operators or people in the employment of Emurgo, Cardano foundation, IOG. The only criteria are the ones described above
  10. The draw will take place within 24 hours after the end of the epoch (unless not possible because of extraordinary circumstances like illness etc)
    The winner will be notified by answering the original DM which was sent to comunicate participation in the draw. After that Hotel Ginebra will start a correspondence with the lucky winner to tentatively set a date for the free 2 night stay sometime in 2021 or 2022 and to expiain reservation procedures.

We wish you Happy Staking to Stakepool CASH and who knows, we might see you soon in Barcelona!!!

NOTE: since we are already into Epoch 3, anybody who has already delegated to stakepool CASH in epoch three will also be part of the draw, provided the conditions are met as explained in 1 to 9.

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