Introducing LGLP Stake Pool [LGLP]

Hey everyone, LGLP here!

I’m a full-stack software developer with a focus on large enterprise applications (a TON of Java+ EE+Spring/SpringBoot)) and have been working in the industry for 10+ years now.

Until recently, I had pretty much been living under a rock with regards to knowledge about Cardano and PoS blockchains, and then through some happenstance of downtime I discovered Charles’ videos describing Cardano, and the premise of its goals had me hooked. What intrigued me the most was the sheer amount of power consumption involved in PoS vs. PoW systems and seeing how PoW can have so much of a ludicrous power draw that it did not seem sustainable in the long run… and then seeing the quote about Bitcoin mining power surpassing all of Argentina was such a shock! So in a way of saying “I want to support what I believe is the next big thing and has the grounds to not overwhelm the global power infrastructure”, I dug into the Cardano docs and setup a stake pool.

Name: LGLP Stake Pool
Ticker / Pledge / Fixed fee / Variable fee: LGLP / 1.5k / 340 / 1%
Pool ID: pool1dym0upg3atdr3j7z98890hdr9wxm9gn7ydmgndr2lfpzsda2jvj
Location: Ripon, CA USA

Pool infrastructure:
With this being an initial setup build, I have two custom built servers (1 BP / 1 Relay) each with an AMD Ryzen 1700 / 8GB RAM / 512GB SDD and both are supported via a UPS. Network provided via Cable provider with speeds at 100Mbps.

Operator experience:
With the 10+ years of software dev and network engineering experience under my belt, plus being involved with the entire SDLC of massive enterprise applications and maintaining production servers across the US, I’m no stranger to wearing the “devops + 24/7 support” hat. Furthermore, I am rather OCD about stability and security and make a point to keep servers up to date and follow the update cycles for dependencies/libraries as they are announced, so ensuring maximum uptime while also balancing relevant server maintenance windows is something I like to be on top of… similar to the real world, production environments need to be constantly maintained, supervised, and handled with care so as to maximize user availability and minimize downtime. This is my goal with my day job, and it also translates to my work with the SP.

Why should users check out LGLP:
LGLP is an acronym for “Love God, Love People”, and as such this pool is being managed with a Christian value and mindset. My long term goal for LGLP is to help make churches aware of the value in diversifying their capital beyond traditional means and to look into placing funds into crypto, specifically with PoS cryptos where stake pools can help foster their investments, especially with the Cardano ecosystem.
Through the partnership with these churches, I want to reinvest back in to them as well - and that will be done by donating/tithing 50% of all rewards to local churches in the area. Seeing firsthand how churches play a big role in community outreach and their efforts to better their communities, I want to do my best to help fund those areas of ministry in a new way, and I believe crypto can be that new financial avenue for them.
If LGLP grows to where more churches are involved beyond the local area, then LGLP will scale up and also expand its donation radius to give back to the churches involved in the pool.

Thank you all for your time! If anyone has any questions reach out to me on Twitter!

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Welcome @lglp-studios and the best of luck with your pool!

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Thank you @ADA4Good ! Happy to be a part of the club.

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