Introducing LUCY POOL [LUCY] : A IT guy and his cats running a pool for his local animal shelter

Lucy Pool
A Cardano pool run by a IT guy and his cats

Hi I am Nadiem a developer from the Netherlands and I am the operator of the Lucy Pool. The name Lucy comes from one of my cats that we got last summer. It was around the same time when Shelly was released on the mainnet. Our journey began with the whiteboard video from Charles and we have been following the Cardano Project since late 2017. We did invest in Cardano back in 2017 but after some financial hardship I had to sell the position at the worst possible time (you know life happens :wink: ).

That did not affect my enthusiasm for the Cardano Platform. So after realizing we could support the network by hosting a pool it was a no brainer. After telling my wife that I could ask a small fee for maintaining the servers she came up with the idea to help our local shelter that have been hard hit by the Corona pandemic (more info below). So today my cats and I operate the Stake Pool with a lot of love and passion so we can make sure the shelter will have a long and health life❤️

BTW the cats have their own Instagram I know that they would love it for you guys to follow them. BEST CAT INSTA EVER!!!

Ticker: [Lucy]

Pledge: 500 ADA

Fixed Fee: 340 ADA

Variable Fee: 1%



Pool ID: 79219df8a6919aa5443f301d07a6f9eb9be38a6388215baaf55291b3

Location: Leiden, The Netherlands

Pool infrastructure : Two Relays and one Production node running on 2 vCPUs, 5 GB memory 50GB SSD each. Hosted at Google Cloud Engine (Groningen, the Netherlands).

Operator: I have experience setting up servers for my work as a Mendix developer. As a pass time I am learning Haskell so I can eventually play around within the testnet.

The Lucy Pool support a Local shelter in Leiden named ‘Dierentehuis Stevenshage’ we do that by donating 100% of the staking cost to the shelter. Since the pool that me and the cats are running is still very very small we decided to also donate 1 dollar per epoch (in euro’s paid per month), even if we do not mint a block. This because we really want to help the shelter even if the pool cannot support it.

Starting in the coming weeks we will share info about the animals at the shelter on our website. One of my goals is, when the pools hit 1 million ada staked, is to try to work with the shelter to make/develop a crypto donations fund where people can directly donate ada to specific animals (but first I will have to convince them that it is a good idea).

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Have a nice day!
Nadiem, Lucy and Jamie

I you want to see pictures of the cats let me know :wink:


Hey there @Lucy_Lu , welcome to the club.

Me and a buddy are also in the process of startingup a stakepool in the netherlands, not sur ehow many of them are already here!

Wish you the best of luck, keep us updated!


@BaasMons thank you. I only know of 1 other Dutch pool. But the more the merrier :wink:. If in your start-up period you run into some problems feel free to send me a message and I will help you out if I can.

Ill be sure to hit you up :wink:

And most likely there will be an introduction post for it!