Introducing [MOJO] pool

Hello from Australia, the land down under…MOJO is a family run pool from Melbourne. With a background in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, I have been involved in cryptocurrency mining since 2017 and witnessed the transition from Proof of Work protocol to Proof of Stake through the Cardano Ouroboros protocol. We are committed to keep our stakepool running 24/7 and keep on generating revenue for our delegators.

Why stake with [MOJO]
100% Renewable Energy : Our stakepool servers are powered by a 6.5 KW Solar Energy system, making the whole operation 100% carbon neutral.

Contribution to the community : 10% of the block minting reward will be donated to a charity every month.

  1. The donation will be made through PayPal Giving Funds in random. However Australian charities will take precedence
  2. We will announce the donation recipient through our twitter & telegram channel each month

Instead of keeping your funds idle, we encourage you to delegate that to our stakepool so that we can work towards Cardano decentralisation and helping our community at the same time.

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