Introducing [NOAH]'s Ark Pool - Minimum 50% of pool rewards donated to Brazil - Providing opportunity, cleaning beaches, and Amazon protection

Welcome aboard [NOAH]'s Ark!
I am Captain James, and father to little Noah.

Noah’s Ark Foundation stemmed from the idea that we want him to grow up in a world where we give more than we receive. A world where the people with extra, provide for those with not enough.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, USA.
We are currently based in Niteroi, Brazil, where Silvana was born and raised.
We met while simultaneously vacationing in Santa Monica, California.
The exchange of contact info was all that was needed. We were both focused on family and work, with little time for relationships. The long term relationship allowed us to get to know each other. Something special brewed.

The foundation is our personal project we hope to fund with our personal earnings from the [NOAH]'s Ark Stake Pool. The pool donates 50% off the top, and we will take our portion to build the non-profit foundation.

With Cardano staking, we had the idea to create Mission Wallets.
Each mission will have a wallet, constantly growing.
We take those rewards, and 60% of them are donated, 40% stay to grow the wallet.
Our plan is to get a mission to 7500 ADA, and move onto a new mission. This will earn approx. 1 ADA per day. (10k might be better but we will see how big the donations are with $7500)
Consistent donations that will grow and can be relied on.
That is our goal.
Providing universal based income for those who need and deserve it.

As a remote worker, and network administrator for many years, I can provide the skills and high availability to keep the stake pool up to date and running.

Currently setup on 100% Clean energy Cloud Servers running 24/7.

NOAH Pool is donating 50% Pool rewards directly to Community in Action. Community in Action empowers the impoverished of Rio de Janeiro through job training and education. Learn more at

We will be expanding to two more causes that are close to Silvana’s heart, and that is cleaning up the beaches, and protecting the Amazon Rain Forest.
Learn more at our website (Link at bottom)

Co-Founder of Cardano Ark.
Group of pools that are dedicated to running a pool with all the ideals.
50% minimum to charity
Low Margins
Clean energy

My mission is to implement accountability within the Cardano Community and Ecosystem.
We can do this by working together.
I would love to talk more about this with you.

We are only getting started and if we can get to sustainability, We expect to be able to go full time at this and truly make an impact on saving our planet and as many lives as possible. All we need is your delegation! Join us!

Your delegation = More donations.
Twitter and TikTok: @foundation_Ark