Introducing Scarab AV [BEETL]

Hello People,

I want to introduce you to the new Scarab AV pool – Ticker [BEETL]. The pool is owned by an African American in the Silicon Valley with Silicon Valley Tech experience. We’ve worked in technology in Silicon Valley since 1985 in various technology positions from technical support to DevOps with companies including Symantec and Logitech.

Scarab AV have already minted our first Mainnet block #6,714,879 on January 4th, 2022, 1:57:17 pm UTC. It was uneventful – yay! With your delegation, we’ll mint a lot more. Our server reports >96% in less than 3 seconds consistently.

We have a strong belief in Cardano and think that it is a real front-runner for the future redistributing wealth. Cardano is clearly well thought out and has the potential for real change in the world. Djed really excites us also and we look forward to 2022 being a great year for decentralization.

It took us a while to settle on our current configuration. We started with Amazon web hosting, and that was an expensive disaster. Then we skipped Raspberry Pi and tried Mac Minis with 16Gb and SSDs. Finally, we settled on discrete AMD bare metal servers.

  • Ticker [BEETL]
  • Pledge 5000 ADA (More to come)
  • Fixed Fee 340
  • Variable Fee 1%
  • Pool ID: 6a73808b4710aa4dd86a6c35b620d129c73becb80011b574b892ff1f
  • Location: Oakland, California

Our Systems

  • 1 Gig Business class Fiber up and down
  • Relays - Ryzen 5600 12 thread
  • Block Producer – Ryzen 5900 24 thread
  • All servers have at least 32Gb dual rank RAM
  • All servers have at least 1Tb Samsung M.2 SSD
  • Multiple pure sine-wave battery back ups
  • Pure Sine-wave generator in case the world ends

Please consider hosting with us.

Thank you

Hi Folks, just an update. There is a very old defunct, and never funded, pool called ‘Blue Beetle’ with the same ticker. We are in SMASH, but the other is not. We will keep our ticker as it will be obvious.

Also, our server stats show that we are at >99.7% transactions in under 5 seconds!

Booker T.