Introducing [SKULL] ANTI.BIZ stake pool

Still a bunch of things to do, but the two relays are talking with the block producer. This has been an adventure and I think my linux skills are better than ever now. I usually do basic stuff like retropies/batocera, kodis, and file storage, so this was definitely a challenge. But overall very enjoyable learning and setting this up.

I love lovelace and think it is the future of DeFi, so I hope to grow, even though my pool is very small I hope to grow it larger one day.

I still need to get the pledge up to the right amount before the end of the epoch. But you can check our website & adatools here:

I like that logo. You have a unique website, well done.

Thanks, I have been working on it since 2015. It started off as an idea that turned into a art project, but now I’ve kind of formed all my ideas into it and working on making it a profitable business.