Introducing Derksen IT pool [DRKSN]

Introducing Derksen IT pool.

My name is Ronald Deksen, I am a freelancer in IT and like crypto currencies, especially cardano. I am running my own cardano stake pool now for about 3 months. I just minted my first block. Now it is time to find more delegators. Since I started I added € 750 pledge per week. I will continue to do so.

I am a DIY type of guy. I wrote all the scripts, I used to setup and maintain the pool, myself. You can find them on my github page:

If you like these scripts, please join my stake pool. The details of my pool are:

Ticker: DRKSN
Website: GitHub - ronaldderksen/cardano
Fixed costs: 340 ₳
Margin: 0%
DRKSN DerksenITpool - Cardanoscan

The production servers are two reliable VPS systems, I rent, with 8 cores an 16GiB memory.

In my home environment I run a test pool (same ticker) on the cardano test network. This test pool mints several blocks each epoch.

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