Introducing Stakhanovite #1 [STKH1]

We are STKH, a.k.a The Stakhanovite Stake Pool. We’re a team made of a blockchain developer and a plant biology researcher. One of us is a Cardano Ambassador (@psychomb - French translator)

The pool’s name originates from a harmless joke and reference to the ex-USSR “propagandized” worker Aleksei. G. Stakhanov, an efficent mining machine!

Pool infrastructure

STKH1 runs on a bare metal server hosted in France. It is backep-up by three relay nodes based in EU and North America (2 bare metals and 1 VPS). Our machines are Goguen-ready!

Automatic deployment using Ansible is currently under testing to add as many relays and nodes as we see fit in a click of a button!

Operator experience

Our ITN story: we signed nearly 5000 blocks during the incentivized testnet and distributed over 4 million ada to our delegators. We’re looking forward to repeat that on mainnet!

Why would you join us?

We aim at becoming a professionally run, stable and independent stake pool in France. Our long-term goal is to use part of our earnings to fund blockchain-related educational content for french speaking developping countries. Senegal :senegal: is of prime interest to us due to some connections there.

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One of the best french Pool. :ok_hand:t2:

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