Greetings from Czech Republic - „HODL&STAKE“

Hi everyone,

we would like to introduce our ADA stake pool named „HODL&STAKE“ (TICKER: HDLS). We are two enthusiasts from Czech republic with aim to technology and finance. We have been active most of the time during ITN Testnet and now we are also participating on current testnet (HTN). During ITN we have provided several competitive benefits (as low fees and „bare metal“) and we intend to keep it during Shelley as well. Now, we have already registered our pool to new HTN blockchain and successfully updated on 1.14. version of Haskell node.

We hope, that you will join our mutual contribution to decentralization and that you will consider support of our pool during mainnet, which we are looking forward to.

Come and help us to mint first blocks during awaited mainnet run! :wink:

Your HDLS team

Don’t forget to follow us on social networks:


Awesome thank you!

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Nice to hear from you again @Milan my friend, fantastic to see you have been setting things up in the background as @Donnybaseball said Awesome.

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This is not a place to shill your pool. Imagine if every pool operator would come here bragging about how good their pool is. Matter of fact you don’t even say why is your pool “good” LoL why on earth would it be better than anyone elses. Maybe I will just stake on Stake for Cake or BCSH because I like their name better. Oh wait I can even stake on my own pool G.

Hi Aione,

I am glad you are interested in our introduction. However I would like to point out, that our post above is definitely not a promotion. We just intend to introduce ourself. We are not saying that our pool is better than others, but just want to describe all previous endeavor to contribute. I don’t think that every pool operator has enough of ADA to run a pool seriously minting blocks.

On the other side I really believe, that it is necessary to include kind invitation to participate in our endeavor in “Introduce yourself” topic together with links to social networks.

Have a nice day and many successes in this exciting time of crypto!

Milan on behalf of HDLS


Changed category to Stake Pool Introductions.

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Welcome Milan, glad to have you here.


Thank you, Rob!

How has your pool been doing lately? Are you happy with the progress?