Introducing $THANK coin - Airdrop for fellow SPOs


Dear fellow SPOs,

I’m the operator of STAY pool. Like other small pools, I found it difficult to attract and retain delegators. That’s why I created $THANK coin back in April as a extra incentive and a thank to my delegators.

At first, I only intended to use $THANK for my own pool. But later on, being inspired by PIGYToken, I decided to share $THANK coin to all stake pool operators, so we all have better chances to have more delegators.

Learn more about $THANK coin:
Airdrop program for SPOs:

:hugs: What is $THANK coin?
We all need to say thanks. In the crypto space, I think one of the fun and cool ways to say thanks is sending people a coin, a $THANK coin. That’s why I came up with the slogan “Say $THANK the crypto way

:hugs: What’s special about $THANK coin?
While I’m still looking for more use cases, $THANK coin has a use case on its own. It has a name that speaks for itself, making it easy to be adopted. Just send $THANK coin to someone, and they’ll know it’s a thank from you.


:hugs: Who would use it?
Idealy everyone IMHO. We all need to say thanks to our families, friends, colleagues, business partners… Sometimes just saying the word doesn’t feel enough. $THANK coin is like a gift that people give to others as thanks.

:hugs: $THANK supply?
Only 10,000,000,000 $THANK was minted. Its minting policy is time-locked, so no more $THANK can be created.

:hugs: How many $THANK coins get distributed?
90% of $THANK coins will be distributed via:

  • Stake Pool Operators (that’s you and I :hugs::heart:)
  • Promotional giveaways on Twitter.
  • Cardano creators who accept donations. Creators will send back $THANK to donors as thanks.
  • May be more…

I think the more distribution chanels, the more adoptions, the better for all $THANK holders.

10% is kept for further development as well as founder hodling, naively hoping one day it will moon :roll_eyes:

:hugs: How many $THANK coins each SPO get?
Each fellow SPO will get 2,000,000 $THANK.

:hugs: Can I get more?
Yes. But you’ll need to distribute $THANK to at least 100 wallets before getting more.

:hugs: What can I do with $THANK coin?
You can use $THANK in any way you want, may be:

  • Extra incentive for delegators.
  • Running giveaways to promote your Twitter channel.
  • Keeping some for hodling.

:hugs: Listing on DEX/Swap?
I’ll work hard to do that.

:hugs: But I already have PIGY?
It doesn’t harm to have both. In fact, if you don’t already have PIGY, I suggest you go get some. Who doesn’t love :pig:?

:hugs: How do I get $THANK?
Please visit $THANK coin’s website for details:
Airdrop program for SPOs:
Learn more about $THANK coin:

I really hope you will support $THANK coin :heart: Any feedback is appreciated. :hugs:


Received $THANK coin today so thank you :smile:
Alfa Pool will share them with delegators once we have enough of them to mint a block every epoch.

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We received our drop. Can we send you 1,000 to say “Thanks” ? lol

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Lol :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It’s amazing how many people you sent $THANK to in such a short time. :clap::pray:

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Yoroi or Daedalus address you want to receive $THANK.”

Do these have some issues with AdaLite? My
Pledge address is through a Trezor/AdaLite😭

Hi, thanks for your interest. If Adalite wallet supports native tokens then it’s fine :grin:

It is a very interesting and fascinating idea.
If I had 1 million tokens I would give you 950,000 $THANK!!!
Did it cost you anything to put it on the mainnet?

I seed that your pool in not beneficing from PIGY tokens