Introducing The Cardano ADA #23 Rally Car Livery 2015 Hoonigan Gymkhana 8 Ford Fiesta ST RX43

Like many of you I enjoy playing videogames to relax after a hard day of making money. I am a huge racing sim fan and a huge ADA holder and fan. So after getting intoxicated I decided a way that I could give back to the community and help with outreach and advertising was to spend a few hours creating a livery for one of the most popular dirt rally cars in the world.

I created a white and a yellow alternative version depending on preference. I had to recreate all the logos in game with a controller and basic shapes consisting of over a 50 layers.

If you have Horizon 4 you can use the following codes to find the livery and apply to the 2015 Fiesta Rally.
Yellow: 144 363 906
White: 783 624 562

Here are some screenshots to show what I have created. The vehicle I used is a 2015 Hoonigan Gymkhana 8 Ford Fiesta ST RX43.

One day I would love to see an actual rally car sponsored by ADA or Cardano or IOHK. I will be working on version for Hypercars and other vehicles. If any of you have vehicle recommendations or feedback let me know.


I’m not that into racing games but this is great! Cool post man.