Voluntary contribution to the Ada Community

Hi all,

In my spare time I enjoy working on graphic design. If I can help someone with making flyers or banners or a logo, please let me know and volunteer to support the cardano community.

regards mhu!


Hi Mhu!

Woah this is really great from you!

Will definitely be in touch, just have to do some brainstorming in advance :smiley:

Thank you for doing this! :slight_smile:


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Good to hear, I’ll wait it out!



Hi Mark,

Can you do take logo’s out there and turn them into dst cresting file’s ?


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Is there any portfolio you can share with us?



This is very gracious of you to donate your time :+1:

I do have a need for a banner on one of my Twitter accounts and am definitely seeking community collaboration on my project, everything helps me on my own mission to contribute to the community.

Let me know if you are up to it! The account on Twitter is @LIDIevents
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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At the moment I don’t have a website where I can put all my work on. I have a lot of experience creating profile pictures for forum games, posters for shops etc.

I’ll make a portofolio of all the things I make in this community.


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Hi Chris_Ray,

I’m ready to get started for you. For the best result, please like clear details.

I’d like to hear from you.


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Sent a DM, thank you.


I don’t know what the exact question is?

Logos are usually converted to .ai or .eps files.

for web it will be a .svg file.


Hi Mark,

Want to crest my jacket with a Cardano Logo and a Daedalus jacket. So need to take a logo I have seen online or one made

and put it to a DST which they used to sew on. Sophie Sews I think is a free program but here is an example.

Take a peek think would be cool to be able to sew in your design for durability.



Hi Pat,

What I can do for you is the following:

Send Cardano and Daedalus logo to you in a PNG or TIFF file.

The printing company can use this file to put the logo on the jacket.



Sounds good

Is it possible to get

Deadalus symbol in Green as in picture

Cardano symbol in that blue as in picture. [collection of just blue dots]

Cardano name’s in the above green and blue to match both symbols. Pick out a cool font of your choice.

Going to print on a black jacket background.

appreciate the help. Talked to a few guys about getting such work on a site with credit to those who contributed.

See what happens but think it is a great idea.





Something like this ?

Hi _ilap,

Here I have put in some of my own designs.
I made a lot of pictures for online forum games and found them here in my creativity.
Now i want to focus more on the design of banners, flyers, announcements etc.


Little piece of my work:

- https://imgur.com/a/jjsxobj

That rocks, can you make add another Cardano just like that in the same color as the Daedalus too ?

Can each of these 4 items have their own file ? Think when they crest they charge you by each so just want to be covered.

Very exciting have been trying to do this for quite some time.



Yes, I can do that for you. Going to sleep now, after work tomorrow I’ll finish it for you and send the files.


thanks very much


Thanks very much . Will let you know how it turns out and reactions from community members.



Yes, thank you!

I can’t wait to see the result printed on the jacket!