Introducing The Harbour Pool [HRBR]

Introducing The Harbour Pool [HRBR]

Ticker: HRBR
Pledge: 940k
Fixed Fee: 340 (the minimum)
Variable Fee: 1%
Contact: Telegram: Twitter: HRBR_ADA Email: info (a)
Pool ID: 5bb951ce3ad7ab55800546b43e1223caf3a3d542f4e7bab08f0525d0
Location: The pool is operated from the UK

The Harbour Pool benefits from…

Our Infrastructure

  • Distributed Hardware: High-performance bare metal servers and VMs located in 3 separate datacenters in addition to backup servers in a 4th location.
  • Quality: All servers exceed the official recommended hardware requirements.
  • 24x7 Monitoring: The servers and infrastructure are monitored by active alerting software, ensuring any unlikely issues are swiftly brought to our attention and dealt with.
  • Failover: We’ve built multiple layers of redundancy into the system so should a server ever go down - the rest of our deployment is more than capable of continuing normal operation without any impact on performance or downtime.

Our Background

  • Founded and operated by an IT professional with 20 years of experience working for a major Telco company supporting large and critical customer infrastructure.
  • Broad, extensive knowledge of server operations / networking / network security.
  • Holding industry standard certifications (CCNP Enterprise / Security / Wireless).

Our Ethos

We chose Cardano because of the project’s scientific approach and because the team have stuck to their principles from day one. We are fully aligned with the vision and believe that this ecosystem has huge long-term potential. We have closely followed the project since 2017 and were one of the first operators on the Incentivised Test Net (ITN) during which The Harbour Pool performed very well and at times, outstanding. Building on that experience we improved our pool infrastructure further to make it even more robust and secure.

A Final Word…

We understand the technical complexities required to run a successful stake pool as well as the simplicity of delegators wanting to maximise their profits, whilst expecting a reliable service at the same time - and this is exactly what we aim to provide.

We hope you will consider staking to [HRBR] and joining our many happy delegators on this journey!


After a long look through various pool a few weeks ago, The Harbour Pool really caught my eye as striking the right balance of professionalism and good community feel/vibes as well as a really good history of performance on the Test Net, this ticked all the boxes for me and I decided to give the beautiful water a whirl and docked my ADA Ship - I’ve been very happy with the results so far!

I also decided to send an e-mail to get to know the Operator better and ask a few questions and all the responses have been swift, friendly and detailed.

Can’t ask for more - Go [HRBR]!


Good luck with your pool!

Bump, come join us and delegate to HRBR :slightly_smiling_face: