Introducing Cardano Blockhouse [CBH]

Dear Cardano-Community,

my name is Jochen and I’m the operator of the stakepool Cardano Blockhouse [CBH]. My background is IT and I’m working in this sector for more than 15 years. Initially i worked in a permanent position and since 12 years as a freelancer. I’m running my stakepool CBH since february 2021 and had many ups and downs in that time.

I tried to contribute to the Cardano network as much as possible from the beginning and I’ve built several applications until now.

  • Twitter bot to promte small pools which did not create a block so far
  • IAMX Delegation Center
  • TeddyTroops Collectors Portal
  • TurtleConnection Collectors Portal
  • Discord Bot to verify wallets
  • TeddySwap FISO dashboard

Ticker: CBH
Pool ID: c4039f4fa97ed735b884800d6d605dbc65fbe995c4ba70b532e162a2
Pledge: 75.000 ADA
Fixed fee: 340 ADA
Margin: 0%
Location: Germany
Hardware: dedicated enterprise hardware located in a high quality datacenter. Specs: Intel Xeon E5 2660v2, 256GB ECC RAM; 10TB RAID10 SSDs, 1GBit connection
Relays: 3 relays hosted in different data centers
Firewall: hardware firewall
OS: Linux Server

All used servers are powered by renewable energy to be as climate neutral as possible.

I would be happy to welcome you in my pool.

Any small amount of ADA is welcome!