Introducing Brada Pool - BRADA

Who I am?

My name is Gean Brinker (AKA MrBrinker), I have been involved with the Cardano Community since late 2017 and this year I joined the Ambassador program.

I am very active in the Brazilian and Australian community as well as helping in the tech support channel, while I am not in the TG groups I translate Cardano related contents and organise online meetups.

  • BRADA - 120K pledged, it will increase soon - 340 ADAs fixed fee - 2% variable fee

  • Twitter account @bradapool

  • Telegram group @bradapool

  • Pool ID - 7095ee942c6aa5d594f08fa9f377b2f00c4abe96dd58209e2e9d18b7

  • Location - Brazil- São Paulo and Australia-Perth

  • Pool infrastructure - We are running with one block producer and 3 relays

  • Pool redundancy - As pool operator, our top one priority is availability so we have access to one extra block producer with mechanisms to switch machines and minimise downtime greatly.

  • Operator experience
    I was lucky enough to be invited to join the second wave of operators in the Family and Friends phase, this gave me plenty of time to develop as pool operator and build up my skills while working directly with very experienced operators as well as IOHK’s team.

  • Why should users check out your pool?

Delegating to BRADA you will be contributing directly to Cardano’s network decentralisation and security as I have chosen to be based in Brazil and believe developing countries are the ones which can benefit the most from Cardano’s project.

Our objectives as a pool are to give back to the community using part of what we make running the pool, but how? By sponsoring community’s initiatives and crypto-related events in poorer areas.

Education is a key for mass adoption and we will be doing that if we are supported by our community.

Thank you very much.


Hey @MrBrinker!
Did you run BRADA on the ITN? I can’t seem to find it.
Looks great! Good luck!

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No I have not. I decided to run a stake pool in February this year and have enjoyed every bit of it.

Thank you for the kind words.

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Very good, Gean! It’s only beginning :v:t4:


Thank you mate.