Introducing the launch of adafolio - a community-created staking portfolio site!

We’re very excited to announce our latest Cardano project - adafolio! Our site allows the community to create staking portfolios of multiple stake pools, in preparation for the release of multi-delegation. For those unaware, IOG is working on a feature to allow delegating a single wallet to multiple stake pools.

We also feature a number of auto-updated portfolios that are constantly kept up to date (e.g. small/medium pools, low fee, high pledge, ITN pools, etc).

Even before multi-delegation is released, our portfolios answer some interesting questions about the staking rewards you can expect to receive from various types of pools:

  • Are 0% pools more profitable than pools that charge a variable fee?
  • Does high pledge significantly affect returns?
  • Which pools have been operating since the first epoch of the Shelley mainnet? Or since the incentivized testnet (ITN)?
  • How many pools have never made a block?

Visit our site to find out!

Each portfolio page includes a plot of ROS vs stake for each pool in the list

Please try out the site and make portfolios of your own - we’d love to hear what you think of the site!

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