Introducing ThirdEarth Pool [3E1]!

**Pool Introduction [3E1] ThirdEarth Cardano Pool!

Ticker: 3E1
Pledge: 100
Fixed Fee: 345
Variable Fee: 15%
Website: Third.Earth
Contact: email: info @ third. earth
Pool ID: 951382927dbb16a62494a706d9f14b6ceb41abb405670400cf0c063f
Location: The pool is operated from Brazil

The ThirdEarth Cardano Pool was created as a source of fund raising for ThirdEarth urbit hosting platform developers. All profits will be used to build out the urbit platform which the primary focus being onboarding new urbit users in a seamless fashion using custom software.

ThirdEarth developers are excited about the future of Cardano and are looking to bring ada payments to urbit along with a future token ICO on the cardano network.

Delegators will receive a to be determined allotment of future ThirdEarth tokens to be based on amount delegated and length of delegation.

ThirdEarth intends to eventually covert into a DAO in which token holders will be entitles to future profits from the hosting platform and will be able to govern where devs focus their attention to when creating apps.