Invalid blockNo []

I have noticed my stake pool has been going down. I believe this is the reason I haven’t minted any blocks which is unfortunate. I haven’t been able to fix this problem for about a week now. Relay node has always worked for a little but them says invalid block number and then the server stops working. I don’t believe its a problem with the server because it is hosted on Azure. Open to suggestions and thank you for the help.

is the env file correctly points to the cardano node folder?

can you verify that the raley node is ok at least with query the tip? cardano-cli query tip --mainnet

Do u see this message on all relays? Perhaps it hapens because the node is not synced 100%?
I saw last week on my relay the same message… but for a short time.


Hi Alex,
I’ve been with that trouble for long time. But, my node is up and running. Can you check your relay gliveview? Are in and out peers still OK? Mine are still OK, that’s why, my pool are still OK.

my servers are good thanks for the reponse

Only have one relay for now until im fully functioning

And yes relay node is okay when I check with cardano-cli query tip --mainnet
Also I have in and out peers and am fully synced and running

Just so happens every once and a while the server stops working and I have to restart it.

Another screenshot of errors that occur what seems to be randomly