Investing in Projects associated with Cardano


Out of curosity, I’m interested in what projects I can “invest” in that are associated with cardano.

For example, I recently bought some SingularityNet coins as I know they are transitioning over to cardano.


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This one would be interesting. The work is in progress.

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I am wondering the same. For now, the way to invest will be different for every project, I think. But I also know that a decentralized exchange is on the way. That would be the perfect spot to buy tokens of new projects using ADA to buy. That would help a lot in making investing into these projects accessible.

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An decentalized exchange would be amazing. I’m really looking forward to hunting down some cool projects being built on the cardano blockchain. Extremly excited for the next few years!

Hi @skenny

Maybe not as much as “investing” but Ergo is a very interesting project that you may want to look at as well.



There are a few like SingularityNet and, but for the projects to actually come in pouring, they will need the Smart Contracts feature (together with Plutus and Marlowe development platforms), which will be available on march 31st with the Alonzo update.

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