Investing. Stocks, crypto, world finacial system...big picture profit and survival thoughts,

From a practical viewpoint, where are people on this forum investing and preparing for the future? I ask because, as a Cardano enthusiast/investor, I assume most of those here hold some similar views so I can at least rule out ideas I have no chance of agreeing with.

Fiat currency and debt based money have been suspect for a long time. Most agree that sooner or later there will be a big crash/adjustment (if not total collapse) coming. What’s everyones plan? fyi I’m an old guy with not a lot of money or options. I look at my 401k with stocks as my best balance between risk and return but realize that it could all go to shit. Crypto has become the alternative for me. Real estate is something I can not afford where I live but may relocate to take advantage of as I see that as more stable (and useful) than anything else.

So, looking in to your crystal ball (backed up by where your money is currently going), what are your thoughts?
I’m contemplating going half and half stocks and crypto (from 95% stock and 5% crypto).

I am placing my available money which I have left over from the previous paycheck only on crypto and people.
Together with freelancers making an MMORPG game creator, but this has been a long road and will be the long journey until I get to the state before I am satisfied.
At some point, I want to build the game economy connected alongside with cryptocurrency, hence the reason I am investing in Crypto, to learn from it and use it.

The trouble with working from basic principles is that, even if your predictions are perfectly valid, the actual timescale can be very different from what you expect – and it will more often be longer than shorter.

I’m another old guy, I currently have about 10% of my capital in cryptos and 90% in conventional investments, and I have no plans to change that in the foreseeable future.

If these questions are troubling you (very healthy considering where we are at this point), I’d recommend you take an hour to go through the presentation This presentation takes less then an hour, but if you’re serious about understanding where we are in history, then I think it will be a good investment of your time. Do get some merlot before you start :grin:. If there are elements you’d like more background on visit Part of this course is the short presentation Get through the beginning that sounds a bit like a sales pitch; it isn’t (though PeakProsperity has both information that is public and behind a paywall). I’m a paying member (one of the only sites where I’m a paying member). Working around the concept of resilience (because that’s basically what you aim for), I don’t find everything from the site relevant to me (i.e. the deeper financial stuff), yet it still is great value, and has opened a lot of horizons for me (I found cryptocurrencies through the insightfull discussions on the site).

The realisation that the current course of society is unsustainable, that my (our) values don’t align to the ‘throw-away’ modern society, and the wish to have a more healthy and connected life, made us move to a rural wooded area where we grow much of our own food (while still maintaining a ‘modern’ professional life on the side). Most of our ‘investments’ go into raising our level of self-sufficiency. While a lot of work, living a simpler life is enriching, gratifying and more healthy. We avoid paper ‘wealth’ as we think it will ultimately lose it’s value. See The reasoon why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher for what I consider the best measure of wealth :slightly_smiling_face:.

I like the notion of investing in people, and that would include ones own skills and knowledge.

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The stock market has historically always been a good long term investment. Crypto doesn’t have much of a history at this point but will make an interesting study in the future comparing the markets.

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Thanks, will check it out.

Very much agree. Putting time and resources in your family, friends, community and yourself (e.g. health, skills, becoming debt-free) is an excellent investment.

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For those interested in the line of thought in this thread, this PP article is probably relevant:

I’m trying to move toward an allocation of 33% stocks, 33% crypto, 33% real estate. Eventually, I may incorporate bonds, but currently it doesn’t suit my strategy.

Regarding the affordability of real estate, I’ve been using Fundrise, which I think is a good way to get involved with some diversification and less up front cost. It’s essentially crowd funded real estate where they purchase a professional portfolio or properties with investor funds. I believe the minimum investment is just $500 now.

The law was changed not too long ago to allow this kind of investment vehicle in the USA. Previously, it was only available to high net-worth investors.