Investing in ADA

Hi, I’m new to crypto and I believe in the technology that Cardano has to offer. But how much would you invest in it? would it reach to $100 per coin? and how long do you think it will get there?

Would it reach $100? How long?
Truth is that no one can tell.

But wait, why $100? Why not $50 or $5 or… $1000? Seriously, why $100?

Invest as much as you are happy to lose.
Invest proportionally to your understanding of the technology you invest in.

Good Luck.


$100 is just an example and you’re right the price for the future of the currency is still unknown

welcome. individually defined on where individuals think the price will go, because everything is an opinion, especially in the cryptocurrency world.

@moustique has a good suggestion for any cryptocurrency investment.

i think the price possibility will be hit usd100 in 2018.

Highly unlikely. I’ll be very surprised if it hits $5.

That’s sound advice right there.

I usually try to remind myself not to chase the money but to chase the solution to a problem.

Here the Cardano team represents the solution to a big problem, your investment should represent your confidence in the project as a whole.

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Great advice. I think the Cardano team seem to be approaching the cryptocurrency market from a different perspective to most coins. Chasing money seems to be the motive for a lot of coins nowadays.