Invite with just a link, without E-Mail adress


I just have a short suggestion on how to improve the site a little:

Make it so you can invite persons by only sending links, without needing to put in an E-Mail adress.

Just had this idea when I wanted to send a Reddit user an invite link, but I think it’s kind of unnecessary or rather risky to ask another person for his / her E-Mail adress. Not on my part, but for the other person.
I would not like to give out my E-Mail adress to a random person :smiley:

This is only a small suggestion, nothing big. But would love to be able to invite people with just a link, no E-Mail adress needed :slight_smile:



@block-t are you active on reddit?
I would like to bring something to the site that is lighthearted and would like for it to also be introduced to the community there.

Yes I am very active on Reddit! But I do not understand what you mean? To the Cardano subreddit?
I sadly am no moderator there but can help you out with anything else :slight_smile:

Ok I tagged you in the post, does it look ok??