IOG’s Self Paced Interactive Haskell Course Is Getting Started

This course is truly ground breaking -
The course material is presented using Jupyter Notebook in your browser.
So the Haskell Code runs within the lesson.
Just click the run button for each example to see how the lesson code works.

This course makes for a great reference much like w3schools is for JavaScript developers. So we can now search within the lessons for how to do stuff and tryout the code right there in the lesson to see how it works. This is great for cut and paste monkeys like myself.

Because this course is hosted on GitHub, it’s a living document that gets updated as the world changes and yet keeps track of it’s history while the URL for the course never changes. No more confusion about which is the latest course material!

After several tries at other courses, I always hit a wall at type classes and type constructors.
Thanks to this course I can finally move ahead. Everything is explained from the very beginning for a two year old. And framing the lesson around something I care about (Cardano) really helped to make the ideas clear for me. If you can get me using the Cardano development stack then you have opened the doors to most everyone. And most everyone is exactly who Cardano is trying to reach.
The developer community is about to get bigger.
Much thanks to Robertino Martinez, the author of this course.

Click the link below to start the course.
GitHub - input-output-hk/haskell-course: This course is designed to teach students Haskell from zero to everything needed to work with Marlowe and Plutus. The course itself doesn't contain content specific to Marlowe or Plutus. So, if you want to use it to learn Haskell for other purposes, you can! 😃 Great course,

If you want to learn Haskell then you’ve got to try this course.

The course is just getting started so be patient as Robertino creates new material.

The course at this link below was also written by Robertino but it is not interactive.
Still, it was a prerequisite for Marlowe Pioneers so you know it’s very good.

And follow the link below for other Cardano educational material:


So happy to hear this news thank you!

I’m going to learn Haskell programmingone of these days. :blush:

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Wow new developer on board soon

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