IOHK summit 2019 Miami

Get your swim suits and sun tan lotion ready!
I’m definitely going to attend this.


I will try to make it too!

Awesome. Lets get a posse together for it.

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great only a short drive from Orlando

Great place to host the summit :clap:t2:

Great idea!

Me too! $50 flight to Miami from Orlando.

A fellow Orlandoian!

I’ll be in Orlando on the 17th of this month. Maybe we can have a mini meetup at Lee and Rick’s.

Championsgate actually Adam but near to Orlando

I’ve never been brave enough for Lee & Rick’s. I know it’s famous, but…

I’m actual in Winter Garden, so closer to Champions Gate than Orlando.

It’s good. I’ve eaten there a bunch of times but I generally like places with character.

I guess I don’t have a choice. I am going to Miami on April 17 !!!