Hello from orlando florida

hi just joined the forum from orlando , holding ada for long term . john


Hi @gers1872 and welcome to the community

Hey, John.

Good to hear! I get to Orlando on business on occasion. I like to go to Lee and Ricks for oysters when I can.

That place is fun.

Hi gers1872,

best regards from Ger-(Crypto-)Money. :wink:


great move, Hello from Orlando to.

You are brave.

Tonight only I’ll be at Lee and Rick’s from 7:30 till 9PM! Come one and all!

Haha. Anywhere else in Orlando.

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It was good! and packed with people BTW. Had a pound and a half of shrimp and a dozen oysters…and a beer or two!

Hello @gers1872 John! :wave:

Welcome to the Cardano Forum.

As a Floridian, you should know that IOHK will be hosting their first public summit in April this year in Miami. A little bit of a trek, but compared to some other community members, not too much! :wink: You can check it out here: https://iohksummit.io (more details to come)

hope to see y’all there

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