Iowa caucus disaster Cardano solution?

Couldn’t Cardano/IOHK offer a potential solution that would prevent the app-ocolypse type of disorganized and bug-ridden voting and reporting disasters of the failed Iowa Democratic caucus efforts that are happening this week? Huge PR opportunity?!

Only if it could happen while that thing’s still in the headlines, which is impossible, sorry!

Cardano is actually rethinking democracy from the bottom up, for it’s own governance. It could probably be used for other purposes, but it would take time.

The actual voting/reporting mechanism and Cardano implementation doesn’t have to be built “during the headline”, only the PR effort would need to happen now (eg. PR effort that Cardano/IOHK is, or will be, a platform capable of eliminating these types of problems, and should be considered for future efforts).

That kind of hype is typical in crypto and is exactly what CH has always said he didn’t want. Alongside the solid scientific basis, this is one of the main things that makes Cardano different.

I agree that hype is not appropriate, and I did not mean to suggest hype.

I thought I saw CH explain a use case of Cardano smart contract implementation that would seem to indicate a sophistication that could translate to the ability to tabulate, verify, and accurately report on vote counts.

However, I am a novice, I am not a programmer, and I was just speculating that this would be not only possible, but very doable with Cardano. I accept that I may have been mistaken, and I did not intend to over-estimate Cardano or suggest any hype to over-state any of Cardano’s capabilities.

I call it hype not because it overstates Cardano’s potential, but because it’s too early in development to be used in marketing. Mere potential isn’t good enough, actuality is required. I learned this by listening to CH. Talk about potential to enthusiasts and those with open minds, but spreading it much wider can be counter-productive, because most people will expect it tomorrow and complain when it doesn’t happen.