IP address confusion

Hello all,

I feel that I am at somewhat of a sticking point in my stakepool creation journey. At the moment I am configuring the topology.json on the blockchain node and the relay node. They are both physical machines that I will be running from my home and because of this they will have the same public IP address. Do I use the same address on both and specify the correct port for each, or do I need to the local address of one another in the topology file?

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Both can communicate via private IPs but u will need a PF opened on your router for relay. it will need to accept connections from outside on port x.


Thank you! Where will I need to specify the forwarded ports on the relay? Is it the port chosen in the topology.json?

Thanks again @Alexd1985, you are a great resource to everyone here

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it is the port which u will decide to use… when u will start the node and when u will register the relay