Is Coindesk corrupt or simply unaware?

Charles Hoskinson and the Cardano team have been posting information and speaking to crowds about the team’s effort’s making Ouroboros quantum resistant for well over a month. Yet coin desk refuses to acknowledge the contributions and advancements being made. NO MENTION of Cardano in their article. Are they clueless? Lack awareness? or corrupt? I may be missing something here, help me out. Maybe they want payment to publish? Who knows…

Here is Charles’ tweet and the headline on Coindesk this morning. Let’s go support Charles on Twitter if you have it.


Or leave a comment on the article itself…

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At the least not all news outlets are reporting in a biased fashion, I found this that addresses the quantum discussion but does not really leave out or include anybody specifically.

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Money talks.

I can almost guarantee that all these crypto “media outlets” are bought.

The money has to come from somewhere.


Well this is pretty normal, this is called business… But also they might not be directly paid, they could be invested in other ways. aka. Holding Bitcoin and ethereum etc… But it wouldnt surprise me at all, that they could be potentially be funded by ethereum in trade for extra coverage, and perhaps a little side-kick deal where they leave out Cardano…

Its a long standing tradition that papers are politically or monetarily invested in what they cover.

Aka. They cover what they believe or are invested in, or they cover what their audience wants them to cover.

There is nothing necessarily wrong in this, but their brand will reflect this over time, and people can make up their own mind to the credibility of such organisation or business.

Publishers do not exist because they just love publishing information, they exist because they are a business, they are supplying a demand and unfortunately is a very bad business, so those who keep the publishers alive are advertisers and businesses that benefit from that coverage…

So a motivator for coverage is often agenda or bias, this applies to any media, which is why as an informed reader you take the source of information into account.

Which is why it is great Charles is pointing this out, but he is merely using everyone as a pawn to put pressure on them, of course he understands why even though he cant outright say so, why they are not covering Cardano.