There must be either deep Fear or deep Bitterness towards Cardano and what it will do to the current dominant Crypto Platforms

I was shocked to find no frontpage article about Cardano’s Shelley launch today. Not even on the side-column of these most popular crypto websites: Cointelegraph, Coindesk, Cryptonews, Bitcoinnews

Given that Cardano is the 6th largest cryptocurrency by marketcap, this anomaly would be considered serious reporting anomaly worthy of investigating by the regulatory authorities if it was in the Share market, commodities, or Banking and Finance industries. The lack of information would prejudice the vast majority of small to medium investors disadvantaging them through information asymmetry, while those in the know are allowed to make outsize profits or reducing their losses.

The only website that did a highly commendable objective articles was the, worth reading by-the-way the two articles.

Far…out! Are the owners of these publications so embittered or threatened that they are willing to deny their readers, many who are investors in the crypto space, the right to decide for themselves whether they liked a project or not? Or are these publications, really just propaganda for owners select Projects?..what’s going on? This is very very sad, sad,…for the crypto-industry.

What will the owners do, when Gugeun smart contract and multi-asset functionality are released, with developers moving to the Cardano platform from all the major platforms? Is that the really heartburn for them?

Or have I missed something?..can’t be this bad could it?


Very well said indeed, hopefully the crypto news-media landscape will evolve in the coming years to include more trustworthy reputable and unbiased reporting. It would be great if a balanced, objective and fair outlet were to come about.

Perhaps with a slight affinity for Cardano though, just to even things out a little? :wink:

Finally, only the following day, two minimalist articles by Coindesk and Cryptonews quoting press releases from Cardano. There was no prior notification to their readership about this industry impacting changes and how it could affect them. The articles seemed begrudging in their content with coindesk choosing a negative image of the Frankenstein monster chained up, while cryptonews focused on a falling ADA price rather than the potential of the technology for the benefit of the whole crypto industry….very sad really.

This is utter nonsense:

Its a common phenomenon in financial markets which you may have already heard “Buy on the rumor, sell on the fact”. It didn’t really need such a long winded technical analysis. Nevertheless, that is what happened, but the HODLERS and true believers have refused to allow the dumpsters this opportunity to lead to a major decline beyond a couple of cents from a peak of $0.15 to mid $0.13, so that they can then come in and scope at much lower prices, at the expense of long term investors. So long as there are no negative surprises between now and the start of staking in August, the prices are likely to move up strongly because more people will want in on staking rewards…nothing new here, common sense really.

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LOL! cracked me up! :joy:

They are worried that Cardano isn’t following the general “Sell the Main-net” mantra that has been pushed by other projects as a reason for price dumping post main-net.

I was instantly reminded of this old article:

Cardano is the, no-crust on his sandwich, kid at school who uses words like “peer-reviewed” and reads “academic journals.” He occasionally gets shoved into his locker and has never been good at sports; but 10 years later he’s driving around a Ferrari and you realized you never should have judged him in the first place.

It’s true, of course: Cardano is not as marketing- and hype-driven as some others I could name. We’re just not that sexy… yet :slight_smile: