Is "" related to cardano?

Dear All
I have been searching for a trustable way in Cardano staking recently.
After all I saw the following web:

now I’d like to know whether the above mentioned website is related to cardano? and is it safe to use it for staking? If so is there any guidelines for it?

Thanks a very reliable community base resource for both stake pool operators and delegates. They provide extremely knowledgeable statistics about all sorts of metrics and info that you could use. was part of the Incentivised Testnet (ITN). The onwer also runs a stake pool. Yes, you can trust them. I have no affiliation with them and I was not paid for this comment…lol. My experience is based on how useful and trustworthy they are.


pooltool is legit

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there are several websites which you can use to make a sound decision:

There are some more, but these ones should be enough.

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It is safe!

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