Do we have metrics on the stake pool network?

… like which version of the node they are running, geolocation, etc

Pooltool is showing the version.

Currently 83% on 1.26.1

But this propably only includes the ones which send data to pooltool.


But it would perfectly be possible to derive conclusions about the currently running version on a network scale, even for private pools. In particular the handling of major new features by pools is making this possible. Like: How is a pool handling asset transactions? How is a pool connecting to peers? How does a pool behave during epoch transitions?

I would be really surprised if those measurements do not yet exist internally. Especially after the the ~20min epoch switch hiccup from 259 to 260 its obvious that findings should get aggregated and analyzed.

A publication of those stats should likely not be to finegrained to avoid creation of attack surface through publicized point versions of individual pools or such. But a percentage of pools below 1.24, below 1.25 and below 1.26 would already be nice.

Pools below a certain version should also get excluded of the “community stake pool delegation” program to loose eligibility to get delegations by IOHK and Cardano foundation.