PoolTool is happy to announce that the platform has had a major refresh

PoolTool is happy to announce that our platform has had a major refresh. Here are a few of the updates

  1. Front page is now just your favorites and claimed pools and addresses. Now you can quickly see how all your addresses compare to overall stats across all delegators.

  1. The pool explorer has been moved to a separate to help with loading times, but has all the same goodies for comparing pools and looking at pool groups.

  1. reporter versions are now visible in the realtime blocks page. In addition you can now link directly to a searchable block number, so you can share all your favorite battles and Forkers with your friends.

  1. Speaking of forkers, we are monitoring you again. So far its the normal low level set of SPOs that forgot to turn off their old node before turning on their new one. But we are watching! pooltool.io/networkhealth

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  1. And speaking of watching, we are monitoring battles on a continuous basis so it will be more obvious if we start seeing high incidence rates like we did a few epochs ago. pooltool.io/networkhealth

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  1. Check out all the different ways we monitor protocol upgrades. You can view it by blocks, stake, pool counts or by relays in quantity or stake value. Or of course, you can look at our realtime reporting stats just like we have always had.

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  1. Curious about decentralization. So were we. We’re rooting for all you “Not In Datacenter” types. You guys are the ones that will keep the network going during the next catastrophe. hats off to ya! pooltool.io/networkhealth

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  1. If you run a pool, we’ll let you know if you were involved in a battle, either victorious or defeated, you’ll see links in your block and orphan history. pooltool.io/pool/95c4956f7a137f7fe9c72f2e831e6038744b6307d00143b2447e6443/blocks

  1. Also for SPO’s, your delegator list is getting a little more decorative. More to come here shortly but we think its a nice touch to brighten up your day. pooltool.io/pool/95c4956f7a137f7fe9c72f2e831e6038744b6307d00143b2447e6443/delegators

  1. In addition to everything you see here, we’ve also migrated the entire back end infrastructure over to Oura by the @txpipe_tools team. Hats off to your beautiful lightweight client!
  1. As with all major upgrades, there will be issues or small problems. Please reach out either here or our telegram channel with any issues or questions. https://t.me/pooltool You should also know that we’re not done. We have quite a few features planned. stay tuned!
  1. Like what we do? Please consider delegating to us to support our hard work on PoolTool. We were the first pool explorer on the ITN and its been a labor of LOVE (quite literally) ever since.

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Happy to see that this tool has evolved since the early days & thanks for giving us such progressive & unique features :sunglasses:

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it looks fantastic well done!