Is it necessary to restart relays and block-producer every few days?

After reading at many places and telegram channels, I have setup systemd timer to restart relays every 24h. I have not yet done this for the block-producer.

My question is - is it necessary to restart relays and block-producer every few days (or 24h)?

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Hi @jangid,
I only restart when I need to. It’s a bit risky to restart your servers periodically, as it may be restarted at the time you need to mint a block. Better do it manually and avoid block-producing times.

At present my internal topology has two relays. I restart them at a gap
of 1hr. So at least one of them is always available. And I do not
restart the block-producing node, unless I have to upgrade. Also, the
block-producing node has a constant topology that connects to the two
relays so I think it is not required to restart.

My question was specifically for the relays. If I have topologyUpdater
script running every hour, then do I need to restart the relay to make
the updated topology effective?

It’s ok to restart relay once a day. TopologyUpdater has 2 functions. One to register your pool with the central topology file to connect other relays to yours. The other one fetches a new topology file. You can use options to use one or the other task. However, it does not hurt to pull a new topology file and not restarting the relay.

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Yes. I am running it with default option i.e. push as well as pull.

Thanks for your answers.