İs it possible to run a demo stake pool?

İ thought that nightly was a demo İ tried to run it but İ could´nt.
Nowadays İ have learn to run (itn_rewards_v1) nicely but İ prefer to learn in a demo.

What do you want to test?

Well, manything
How to monitoring the processes
How to restart everything if the system fail
How to actualize the new softwares versions
And manything i don’t know right now because I’m a rookie

@88jose You can use nighly testnet. Simply when you configure your node use nighly config & genesis hash from here

Nighly testnet has faucet which you can use for funding & staking for testing purposes (so you do not need to own real ADA or have anything in your real wallet during the recent snapshot).

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That’s was I was looking for
Thanks a lot

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