Thoroughly testing a stake pool

Hi everyone :wave:,

We are a team of 2 engineers wanting to launch our own stake pool. We have a relay node and producer node running on the testnet, so far so good.

I’ve seen many posts on this forum of people in the same situation as us, once we have a pool up and running, how do we test if everything is working?

In normal software development, one would test the E2E journey of a new feature or system before launching something into production. In the case of stake pools, the journey I would want to test the following:

  • anyone can delegate to the pool :white_check_mark: We have managed to do that
  • the pool can be successfully selected to mint block :man_shrugging:
  • the pool can mint these blocks successfully :man_shrugging:
  • rewards are successfully shared between both the delegators and the pool owners :man_shrugging:

As far as I can tell, the cardano testnet doesn’t make it easy to make any of these steps happen. From what I understand, we would need a fairly large amount of stake/pledge in order for the pool to be selected to mint blocks, but the faucet doesn’t allow us to do get the funds we need.

Are all pool operators launching on the mainnet hoping everything works once they go live? What’s everyone’s testing strategy, if any?

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Ask for test ADA, some one can send to u


It is a good question how much ADA staked on the testnet. or how much ADA needed to be an active pool…
what cardano-wallet network information gives you back?
Could get funds via faucet?

Our test pool address is pool1pu9xtwucscy0htfkpwndly7emupm03k2z8dhust9g238cuh7d2k if anyone wants to help delegate to our pool so we can test it out.

I am also using this address to delegate to the pool if anyone wants to share some spare tADA: addr_test1qrut6wyume4f4vgjwmafkpv6sssvdrwh24nygjuee9dfccw7w3p5ml5yvvlavqrkwrd65wsat27du7z605yjn0v2gx0s5yxuzc

I understand staking pools aren’t a huge priority at the moment, as there are already more than needed on the mainnet, but I am still curious how all the current stake pool operators on the mainnet tested their pool before going live.