Is ITN stagnated and need to launch a mainnent or do second snapshot?


I see ADA amount is almost stopped to 10bil ada, that is why I am asking, this is normal because snapshot was made and no more ada able to purchase. Maybe still not all question answered and still some bugs may occur in the network?

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Hi TadCryp!

I`m not an expert, but this is a test net and during testing a network is still new and people are working towards breaking it (stress testing) to find and fix any and all bugs, this is the purpose, if at some point the network is unstable may be for a variety of reasons.

After all, we are testing this for potentially over a billion users one day in the future, bumps are expected :slight_smile:


I understand, but when all snap shot ada delegated there are not more stress for the network after that, am I wrong?

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Well, once all the ADA is on the network, the new stress comes from test transactions and all the things both the teams and the community do, it`s new territory and I’m testing is happening :slight_smile:

We’re a long way off that point.

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Still not all snap shot ada delegated? Just interesting how much ada in snap shot still not delegated?

68%. That includes ineligible locations, IMO it’s probably not possible to accurately calculate how much that covers, I wouldn’t even attempt a very rough estimate.