Is my ADA on daedalus or NANO?

Total newbie question here. But when I installed Daedalus, I paired it with my Nano, then transferred ADA. I was surprised I could still see my ada and dashboards etc in Daedalus without plugging in the Nano. Which made me wonder, are my ada stored on my laptop or on the Nano?

How can I be sure?


should be on Nano, your dashboard probably was saved with the last informations from nano but you can’t spend them without Ledger connected;
you can check also if you connect nano to yoroi or to see if your ada are on Ledger or not.


Neither, with a “but” attached.

Daedalus comes with a full node of the blockchain, where your ADA transactions are recorded (“stored”). And since the blockchain is public, anyone can read your wallet.

The only thing your Nano is doing, is keeping safe the private key that allows you to transfer your funds. It doesn’t contain ADA, just a private key.

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true, and thats the case with all coins and tokens. Ledger does not hold any funds, just your keys to all your coins that have wallet installed to your device. This is a common misunderstanding, that ledger nano hold funds, but like DaedalusVoyage stated, the device only keep all your keys behind one seed phrase, the one for ledger nano.

Ah so …

  • The coins aren’t ‘stored’ anywhere.
  • The ledger states who has ownership of coins (and where staked)
  • The Daedalus is just an interface that bridges access between the ledger and your private keys
  • The Nano holds keys, needed to amend the ledger (and thus transfer/move funds)

Is that right?

Yes, but I would say that Daedalus is an interface between you, the user, and the ledger. I say this because not every use of Daedalus requires your private keys.

“Storing coins” is confusing because it’s more applicable to a physical object, which crypto isn’t. Depending on how you pragmatically interpret “storing” you could argue the ledger stores your coins or that it stores transactions. Don’t let this confuse you. From your last message I can tell you’re understanding it now.