Help Daedalus ledger nano s

I recently had computer issues and had to re-install latest daedalus wallet. I had previously created a new wallet using ledger nano s and transferred my ada to that. However when I try to connect ledger to access that wallet it now it just goes loops back to the main daedalus screen. I have ledger connected etc and Daedalus reads that ledger is connected but does not show any wallet. how do I recover this wallet? using daedalus?

Make sure you are using the most recent Ledger firmware and also Cardano app.

If its still not working, then id recommand you to use and connect your Ledger via that.

The wallet acts like an interface to manage your private keys which are stored on your Ledger.


Thanks Fabian, I will try that

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Following up on this thread. I set up ledger successfully with Daedalus. I see my ADA in the wallet, etc.

My questions are:

  1. How do I know the private keys are stored on the ledger?
  2. How does the ledger sync with the Daedalus wallet? For example, sometimes I receive AdA in my Daedalus wallet but then don’t turn on ledger live for a few days. How are those ADA I have received protected/stored on my ledger?

I know it is a basic question but would help me feel confident increasing my stake in ADA.

Hi, I am not a tech expert but can cover the basics.

  1. I was concerned with the ledger option as well as I have only used Daedalus previously. However I used the which is a stand alone like My Ether wallet etc. When you connect to this with your ledger it will read the public key to your ledger and show you whatever balance is on that (this public key is directly linked to your private key which never leaves your ledger) As long as your balance shows then all is fine.

  2. Both Daedalus and Ledger read whatever is on the blockchain, any transactions that have occurred will show in Daedalus and the ledger will just read the balance of whatever is on your public address (there are also block explorers for cardano that you can read using your public address, if you wish to see all transactions) . Your Ada is never on actually on your ledger it is on the blockchain and your ledger just allows you to access it securely