Trying to recover ADA, but not showing up in Daedalus

Hello everyone. I was trying to stake with ADA using the Ledger Nano S and Daedalus desktop. I sent ADA from Binance yesterday to my wallet on Daedalus app and received it.

I kept getting an error when trying to stake, stating that couldn’t connect to my Ledger Nano S when confirming my key. So I deleted it and figured I could use my passphrase. Now it’s not showing up at all. I only ever created two wallets and have both passphrases, they both work since I get no error message. I have the address I sent to and it shows the ADA and balance in there.

Any ideas what I can do?? I got the Ledger Wednesday, transferred ADA on Saturday and it was in my Dadalus wallet. I have tried both Adalite and Yoroi to see and both also show no balance.

Here’s the address I used to send my Ada to Daedalus.


Do you mean you typed your 24-word ledger mnemonics in Daedalus? If so, you should NEVER enter your mnemonics of a cold device on any online devices. The way the private key is derived in ledger and Daedalus/Yoroi/… from the mnemonics is different. Thus, using the same mnemonics will lead you to different wallets.

You should stick to using ledger to connect to wallets (without entering mnemonics) and if needed switch between Daedalus/Yoroi/ADALite if one of them is giving you trouble.

Coming to issue, you mention you had 2 mnemonics. Assuming they’re both 24-word mnemonics, I believe you could have created 4 types of wallets (excluding legacy Byron wallet).

I’d suggest that you start by connecting/accessing each of the 4 combinations and check if you see the mentioned address in the Receive tab (note that you can also use Yoroi /ADALite for the same - even if you created them in Daedalus):

  • two wallets with Daedalus 24 word seed
  • connect to ledger using device (not entering seed)
  • Reset ledger (assuming you know mnemonics of current one) > try other 24-word mnemonics > connect to ledger using device.

Also, be vary of plausible deniability feature in case you enabled it on ledger device since.

Thank you for the information and advice. I’ll start doing that tomorrow. So try both daedalus 24 word phrase. Connect ledger. If that doesn’t work then recovering from ledger nano with key phrase.