New nano x

My ledger nano x hecked. I reset all with new phrase. My question is can I use new reset nano x to access to nano wallet on Daedalus or I need to delete old one and pair new reset. If I pair new one so can I transfer my ADA. Thank you for any help

Pair new ledger, you can pair also on lite/browser wallet… anyway daedalus is just a wallet/interface like any other

Hello Alexd1985,
Thank you for you help. Do I need to delete old nano x first and then pair new one and Daedalus let me move my Ada in that account like old?

Yes, it should let you; In case of not I told you you can connect ledger on any other wallets

Tokens are stored on blockchain not on your wallet… wallets are just an “interface” to access the tokens


Thank you .