Is Shelly being pushed back again?

Charles keeps eluding to the fact that a decentralized networks should run as well as the BitTorrent network. Sure would be nice if a node could be built into something like Daedalus, and only needed to be kept open and running in order to provide a network node. P2P software has had much success and makes sense to emulate (Napster, Skype, Bittorrent)


That’s a great proposition. Maybe integrate a switch that would make Daedalus run as a full node in the background as opposed to keeping it open all the time. I don’t know how resource intensive the full nodes are but it would be cool to have that.

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I recall such a function being mentioned as something being looked into, but the idea could serve up its own problems as the network progresses, seems to me that reliable pools/nodes that develop reputation validating the transactions would be a better solution to an efficient network than having the possibility of sub par nodes getting selected to validate the ledger and then not having the computing capacity necessary to do so at the time they are asked to, which could essentially delay transactions and would be counterproductive to the platform.

Reliable peers is the same exact problem for voice or movie packets in a distributed P2P network. Poor seeding represents the same problem as sub par nodes. Reliability comes from people setting up their own dedicated torrent boxes either locally or in the cloud. This server backbone seems essential to reliability of the network, but it’s also nice that any single BitTorrent user can contribute to the network in their own small way.

Funny to consider the incentives behind a guy willing to set up a seed box VS a PoS node.

I understand the requirement to have fast nodes (or pools) is dictated by the current limitations of the networking layer.

To be indestructible Cardano nodes would have to be light/nimble enough to run on your phone. If they can pull that off, it would be a monumental achievement.

I used to wonder why those movies I watched had bad sound :roll_eyes: lol!
The impression I got some time ago is that a person would in the future be able to flip the switch and stake from their own node, I think some of the reason that it will become possible is through the network allowing a fair chance for all staking and then after a node fails to meet its obligation it is then removed from being eligible to be selected - how that looks I do not know but its surely something to consider how it may be done,maybe when slot leader is selected the network can run a test on the node to determine whether or not it will fulfill its obligation and then allow fair chance to all interested in staking at all times.

Imo every ada user that stakes will be contributing to the network whether they run a node or not, it just looks different cause they will be financially contributing if they stake through pool instead of contributing with hardware.

It is going to be interesting to see how spread out the network is when Shelley comes

@ZCryt0Knight shared an article here HODLer's Guide: What Will Crypto Look Like In The Future? - #5 by anon20038177 I bring it up cause the article puts an emphasis on looking at things from outside the box, and the P2P designs can surely be built on top of to further this space.


This is what delegatad PoS is for. It gives the small fishes the chance to take part on PoS without the need to run their computers 24/7. And it gives the network a high probability that the slot leaders will do their work after being selected. I for myself will just join a pool and enjoy that I don’t need to care about running a node for myself. There are people who are better in IT hard- and software than me.


Yeah let’s do that and by mid 2019 you have not 1 single person believing in Cardano and ADA near to 0

I m shocked and outraged by this statement


You know how many project that are wailing to do their projects on Cardano and they can’t
For not having smart contract ?

Do you think people would stop their project waiting forever ?

Cardano is open source so what happens if others fork it and implemented before ?

Brains power ( intelligence) is not exclusive to cardano

How cardano would strive if we have people thinking more about market, seeing a smartcontract platform without smart contracts is something actually good ?

I m very disturb actually … but I respect your opinion

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One more thing

How do you have certitude that the markets actually would gain stability by 2019 ?

Because they won’t! In my opinion

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You have hit the nail on the head. This is how centralization will present its face. Low cost, low maintenance, uptime. Who wouldn’t use AWS?

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:cardano: fork? What does this mean? How will this affect our holdings?

Nothing should change as far as your holdings go. they are just migrating to an interim protocol–BFT before fully decentralizing. I suppose its easier to go from Ouroboros BFT to Shelley than directly from Ouroboros Original.

Since IOHK fully controls the nodes, no one should be able to fork a competing chain and go on a completely different tangent (I hope). I think we will just see the chain morph into another kind then again into another (shelley).

Eases my mind a bit, for a second I thought :cardano: cash! :flushed:

Agree with you 100% Ishleh.

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My friend, advancements are best announced in an uptrend. I’m betting there’s a lot of sandbagging going on. They are doing us all a favor by making announcements like this when the “Math” is in a uptrend. They are putting the investors best interest in front by waiting. Trust me and watch


From your lips to gods ears


I would hope that this is true however this to me cannot be the case as it smells of centralization. If IOHK controls the nodes, the IOHK would be able to shut down the network right?

It can do that now. So BFT adds nothing to the “risk” as it stands today.