When is shelly release?

all my friends are eagerly waiting for the update shelly , probably if someone knows that when its going to release will be a great help actually.

Shelly is not a single release but a series of multiple steps. First of all, there will be a patch handling migration from the consensus protocol Ouroboros Classic to a temporary one called Ouroboros BFT (according to IOHK, this middle step is much easier than migrating to the final version). After a couple weeks period, another patch will migrate Ouroboros BFT to Ouroboros Genesis.

As for staking, which is probably what you and your friends are excited the most, it will first be tested in the testnet and later released to mainnet. Nobody will tell you the exact date but keep a close eye on the IOHK summit which takes place 17-18 April (in two weeks) where new roadmap will be introduced.

I know that this is a rather vague response but I believe that exciting times are ahead after the summit.


Hello. I recently found the forum and love it. I’ve been trying to educate myself on ADA staking as I think I have enough to be attractive to a group, but how do I find the groups? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello everyone I’m new here but a long time Cardano holder. Just to confirm, Shelly is not out yet and we are still waiting for the Staking feature, correct? Do you guys think we will see it before July?

Hi Isamu,
I highly recommend you to take a look to the last video from Charles,

Some kind of testnet should be launched in June, some other features in July and so on, until total decentralization

Thanks CardanoCastellano much appreciated. Where can we go to keep up with the latest videos featuring Charles?


Thanks buddy :slightly_smiling_face:

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