Is the 12 word seed my private key?


Hey there, I installed the Daedalus wallet 2 weeks ago and I am having some trouble locating my private key. Under what tab is it located? I know it wouldnt be under receive…I wrote down my 12 word phrase, unless that is the private key? I am concerned that when I installed and created my wallet I might have missed something, although i don’t think I did… Any help would be appreciated


Yep, that 12-word phrase is your recovery private key which is NOT stored in your wallet.
Do add a send key in your wallet though for local safety.


ok thank you. Under what circumstance would i need the 12 word phrase? Do i need it if i plan to spend ADA in the future? What about to send? Really appreciate your help.


Never send that 12-word pass phrase to anyone, never! It is used only if you have to recover your wallet, your computer goes poof.

The password you can an should enter in the wallet is for sending ADA out of your wallet, a spending pass.



oh i see now. you definitely cleared things up for me here. Thanks again.