Is the Cardano Platform compatible with ERC20 tokens?

I have been reading up on IELE, and I came across an article from IOHK, and they provided an example: “erc20.iele - a IELE implementation of an ERC20 token” from the article IELE A new Virtual Machine for the Blockchain
Does this mean IELE will be compatible with ERC20 Tokens?

Cardano CL (smart-contracts layer) will have a side-chain on KEVM (separate from IELE chain) - this is a fully-functional completely backward-compatible Ethereum Virtual Machine. So anyone with a solidity contract ca just deploy it on this particular chain of Cardano and use it there.

Additionally, latest report from the “Goguen” manager was showing a “Solidity-to-IELE translator”:


This suggests that there will be a software solution that allows anyone to “translate” their Solidity smart-contracts in order to execute them on IELE chain.


Yes, 100% of ERC20 ICO, contracts, etc will work on Cardano. But their own platform is much better

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ERC20 tokens do not have their own platform, they are validated by the Ethereum network, Cardanao is expected to outperform the Ethereum network, the more tokens on Cardano the better.

I think they meant Cardano by “their own platform” :slight_smile:

“ERC20 will work on Cardano, but their own [IELE-based] platform is much better”

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I misread that one for sure

Exactly what I meant

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